Early contender for moment of the year *SPOILERS

#1 Posted by JeanLuc (3807 posts) -

Yeah I realize the year just started and we got long way to go, but I want to give a shout out to the Bob Barbas boss for being awesome. Gameplay wise its nothing special but the presentation is fantastic. You fight the giant holographic head of Bob Barbas, and in-between it cuts to fighting regular enemies while a news report about Dante plays. Its a really well done moment. It brought back those same feelings of awesomeness with the Deckers.Die mission from Saints Row The Third.

Someone on the development team watched Tron while making this.
#2 Posted by M_33 (531 posts) -

I loved this boss fight, the whole section before it where you're platforming your way to his room just looks great. The whole game just looks great.

#3 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -

Bob is awesome but Id argue the disco stage is just a tad better.

#4 Posted by PixelPrinny (1076 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

Bob is awesome but Id argue the disco stage is just a tad better.

I'm with ya there. Both moments were fantastic, but the disco stage just resonated with me a little more. The boss fight at the end of it, though, was pretty underwhelming. Bob was definitely the best boss battle.

#5 Posted by Vanek (409 posts) -

I think as far as best boss fight Bob wins, but as for best stage for me it's either the disco stage or possibly the carnival stage. I love the first level, as well as so many of the others, and really wish they weren't so short.

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@PixelPrinny said:

@Demoskinos said:

Bob is awesome but Id argue the disco stage is just a tad better.

I'm with ya there. Both moments were fantastic, but the disco stage just resonated with me a little more. The boss fight at the end of it, though, was pretty underwhelming. Bob was definitely the best boss battle.

Yeah, that's probably why I'd side with Bob as well. Plus there's just something about giant, disembodied heads that always creeps me out at that, which is probably the result of playing Lylat Wars (aka Starfox 64) at a young age.

His actor gave a superb performance as well, and he resonated as a devious, demonic scumbag more so than Mundus has imo -- so far at least. I still haven't completed it; up to the missions where I'm heading through his skyscraper.

edit: and the parts where those missions occasionally transition into the plans drawn by Kat with what looks like a marker, also rather snazzy looking.

#7 Posted by StarvingGamer (9291 posts) -

Hm, apparently the same guy did both Bob Barbas and Mundus?

But yeah, I'm gonna go with the general sentiment here of Bob for best boss fight and Club for best stage.

#8 Posted by GunstarRed (5907 posts) -

The Bob level is probably my favourite moment in the game, the way it switches to the live coverage stuff is great.

#9 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

That fight is awesome. The presentation in this game is phenomenal in general.

#10 Edited by MentalDisruption (1833 posts) -

Agreed, Bob as best boss and the club as best stage in the game. Those two experiences really brought the game to a whole different level of enjoyment imo. Despite how early it is in the year, I'm going to be surprised if they don't at least get included in the discussion for best moment/stage at the end of the year.

#11 Posted by Brad (5043 posts) -

Yep, the insane presentation of stuff like the Barbas fight and the club level is what pushed this game to a 5 for me. It's one of the most visually inventive games in years.

#12 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Yes this and the club level took the concept of deckers die mission and blew it out of the water! One of the few times a game made me stand in awe of its level design and art style.

#13 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Yeah I agree with this. I was really enjoying the game before that point but that fight took it to a whole another level and then the club stage after that was also amazing. The way the music and visuals mixed in that stage was just too perfect. I was trying to explain these stages to someone who doesn't play many games now and he thought I was insane but I told him that the game is just crazy

#14 Posted by Superfriend (1656 posts) -

Now, if only you were playing as a talking toilet during all this madness.

Wait, you kind of are.

Just kidding by the way. I don´t mind the Dante redesign. He always was kind of an ass.

#15 Posted by Mezmero (2424 posts) -

The moment I was jumping on platforms leading to the Bob Bardas boss was THE moment for me. I was literally stunned and exclaimed out loud to no one "What is going on?!" The fight itself only escalated my insanity. I thought it couldn't get crazier until the disco. A less impressive boss fight for sure but very impressive environment. The game is terrific thanks in no small part to the amazing visual design.

#16 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

Even if I thought Bob's fight to be pretty cool, for some reason I also really liked the succubus fight. I loved to see how relax and arrogant Dante is when he dodges her attacks in the in-game cinematics.

#17 Posted by Jettblackk (56 posts) -

This game is just amazing, incredible visuals, the environments are so gorgeous and no two are the same, I loved the Characters and the plot, gameplay is never a chore and always fresh all the way to the end. Im not a fan of the original Devil may Cry, but man is this reboot just what the doctor ordered!!

#18 Posted by K9 (642 posts) -

The level designs in this game are top notch; way more intriguing than anything original DMC series has had. Barbas' news esque stage was the highlight of the game for me too, closely followed by the semi final stage where you are entering Mundus' building and Kat's plans are superimposed onto various areas of the environment. Excellent presentation. Given how much effort was put into these environments I was halfway expecting to backtrack through some of them, as per DMC tradition. But pleasantly enough, that never happened.

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Definetly my favorite boss battle in the whole game.

The impressions are at the same time funny and disturbing and the use of colours in that fight especially is top notch.

#20 Posted by takayamasama (587 posts) -

The Bob battle was amazing. There aren't too many times in a game where I am actually excited out loud due to whatever is going on. This fight was one of them. And having to play during the news reports, that was just awesome.

I even liked that series of levels, and the concept of the world under the water in Limbo. I think all that, combined with how Dante actually kills Bob, makes it one incredibly amazing sequence in it's entirety and even though the year is fresh, that will be hard to beat for most bad ass sequence.

I liked the club level, but I don't think I was as enthralled by it as other seems to be. I think I was hoping the music would just start going crazy towards the end. Also that boss fight was just alright.

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