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So i was playing through the new dmc, which i mostly enjoying except for two little things... Besides the point that the final boss was infuriating to me too no end for about 10 - 15 mins (and yes i know what to do for the final hit on him so don't tell me what to do, it just for some reason wasnt working....), I decided to take a brake from the game for a bit. When I went to go back an play it all my save data was erased and it was saying that I was only on the first mission... So my question is does anyone know of a fix or do I have to just suck it up and start from square one. Thanks to all that respond.

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@homer4hire247: My guess is you might have unknowingly turned off the game while it was auto-saving. The little white circle in the upper right hand corner means its saving data. If you happened to turn it off while that was happening then that is what most likely caused the corruption. Sorry duder but I think you'll most likely have to start from square one. Not really much you can do for a corrupted save.

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If you selected the same file slot that your original game was and it started you at the beginning then I am going to assume you're boned. I had an incident where it looked like my data was gone and the first slot was open, but when I selected it all the data was there. I would go into your system and check for the save data there.

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Sounds like a corrupt save to me. Bug bummer my friend. However, on the bright side you pretty much beat the game besides that last hit. Worst case scenario is you check out the ending on YouTube.

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Fudge.... Well ok thanks guys this is a bummer =/ ... I'll just find a weekend soon to just blow through it I guess. Thanks again for the replys.

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