I already like the new Dante more.

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#51 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -

I dont see how im an asshole for making a point but okay, sure. I like to think his whole arguement is rendered invalid for getting my name wrong but eh, guess not.

#52 Posted by MisterSamMan (371 posts) -

I'm totally fine with the new Dante. His dialogue was pretty terrible in the demo aside from a few parts, but I'm looking forward to the game despite it not being Bayonette. Also Vergil is finally an interesting character.

@WarlordPayne: Ninja Theory did Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. Team Ninja did Ninja Gaiden. Confusing yeah...

#53 Posted by WarlordPayne (710 posts) -

@MisterSamMan: Yeah, I know that. I was using "they" for game developers in general, not just Ninja Theory. Honestly, I don't even blame Ninja Theory all that much for the way DmC turned out. I blame Capcom for hiring the wrong people for the job and then demanding that Ninja Theory make more dramatic changes to the series than they wanted to.

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