...I kind of fell out of Hell.

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So I was just minding my own business, hunting around for the last couple of collectibles in the Vergil's Downfall DLC, and somehow I fell out of Hell. What's the only thing worse than Hell? ...nothing. Cold, dark, nothingness... that extends on for all eternity.

Also, the way the environments were built makes them look like planets. Looks kind of like I left orbit.

I did it! I escaped hell!
Huh, kind of looks like a planet. There's another one over there.
Weird. I wonder how I'm breathing.
I think I'm still falling.
They're disappearing!
No! Take me back! Hell wasn't so bad after all!!!
...someone hold me.

Eventually the game figured out I fell and presented me with a Game Over screen.

So yeah, that happened. It's not that unusual to fall out of video game geometry into the vast void of nothingness, but I suddenly remembered Steam has a screenshot function, so I took some pictures anyway. I thought the "planets" looked pretty cool. Anyone else experienced something similar or any other weird glitches?

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Developer: "That's as designed, the title says Downfall"

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i have had 2 bluescreens from vergils downfall , id gladly take a trip into space tho.

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" That's a feature, don't be entitled"

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Man, if that was supposed to happen I'd had bought the damn thing

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This got real existential...

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Man, if that was supposed to happen I'd had bought the damn thing

Devil May Cry in Space? That's probably the logical next step at this point anyway. It can only get crazier, right?

Although I've heard the game kinda bombed sales-wise, which is a shame, I'd love to see DmC 2 on next gen consoles.

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well now you know what limbo looks like

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Seems there's a new game to be added to the Outside Of The Map page.

Out of curiosity, what version of the game is this?

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@snail said:

Out of curiosity, what version of the game is this?

PC, Steam version, "Vergil's Downfall" DLC.

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That's stage 4, right? The one that goes all sorts of sideways?

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