NPD rankings are in, DmC bombs in the US and world-wide

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@nettacki: Because his role was going back through every thing you just did?

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Gamers vote with their wallet and hurt the sales of a really good game in DMC. Way to go guys. But hey...keep on buying COD. Fucking morons.

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@kishinfoulux: ...but fans said they didn't want this. They said this for 3 years when Capcom showed it off.

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It basically comes down to how well MGR and GOW:A do in sales this month. If they both bomb then yes, the fans didn't matter and it's just the industry and genre. However, if MGR and GOW:A sell great, then there's no question that Capcom fucked themselves in the asshole with a giant dildo with worms.

This was the easiest thing to not fuck up. They had THREE YEARS of feedback from fans about what they were doing was wrong.

I never usually say this, but seriously. Fuck the fans. This new game is universally acclaimed by critics AND people who bought the damn game. The 'fans' are the ones that aren't listening.

The "fans" are the ones who also turned their noses up at DMC 4 as well. So Capcom was in a lose/lose here and I'm sure they figured trying to broaden the appeal was the best bet. So good job everyone the only thing this ensured is that Capcom is going to quit trying to make DMC games period.

I remember the fans really liking DMC4 except for the part where you play through the entire game at that point as Dante in reverse. I don't remember them being up in arms about the gameplay or the rest of the game. Maybe Kyrie, maybe Nero (at first, then the hatred against him died down the more they played him), maybe the fact that there's more than a few unanswered questions in the series regarding Dante's family, but other than that, I don't remember most fans hating the game itself. If anything, the relative hatred for DMC4 only flared up more in recent times leading up to the release of DmC in some vain attempt at making it look like 4 was never a good game in the first place and DmC was gonna be awesome and the direction the series needed.

Well, they did and DMC 4 just had the good luck of having everyone in a froth after the masterpiece that was DMC 3. There was very much a tepid response. The only difference is that response didn't happen until AFTER everyone had played it.

They did? Really? How can I trust you on this when it's clear you have something against old DMC fans that gave the game a chance and ended up hating it, let alone those who were personally insulted by Capcom/NT themselves?

See, the problem here is that the majority of the people who have taken issue with DmC either haven't played the game at all or are just parroting negative things that other people have said. There have been plenty of fair critiques of the game and its not a perfect game but when there is insanely childish behavior like people organizing 1-star bombing runs on metacritic. There is legitimate critique but its buried within a sea of absolute stupidity from fans who have no idea what they want.

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@demoskinos: But MGR did more than amazing and user scores for that are all over the place. Capcom knew from the start fans didn't like this, and Capcom said if you don't like it don't buy it. Why are you going to blame the fanbase for doing what the industry runs on...capitalism.

MGR did fantastic, GOW:A will do just as good if not better than GOW3, but Capcom fucked it all up on their end. They could've made this a new IP but wanted to fuck with the fanbase.

That's how consumerism works. If you like it, buy it. People voted with their wallets for once.

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@demoskinos: It's not completely buried by the stupidity of some of the fans. The gaming press (likely through the influence of Capcom) hasn't exactly been helping matters either, almost egging on this continued vitriol of the fans by insulting their beloved franchise, hyping up the new game, being completely convinced that the new game will be a revolution for the series. Something that many fans are very much at odds with. Many in the press don't even bother listening to the legit critiques because they're convinced that they're nothing more than blind, "entitled," "butthurt" haters, when it's very clear that that's not the case.

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right now, everything is kinda bombing anyway

Video games are so 2012.

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I like the new Dmc..... but I would have preferred old Dante by a lot. I still plan on buying DmC when it drops in price. I think a lot of people are gonna do the same. Remember, it is a short action game. 60 bucks for those ain't much of a value the way I see it. And please. No rebuttals like second playthroughs. New game plus is nothing to gloat about.

I don't hate the game for it. That's just how these games are structured.

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Played the demo and loved it. Had a feeling it was going to tank though dispite all the positive reviews. Will pick it up in a month or two when it's half price.

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This is weird I have been playing the game and think it is really well done what parts of it have you all in such a hissy fit? The writing has been good the difficulty ramps up so long as your in the right setting. I actual smiled when Dante (the player controlled charcter) cracked at how dumb all the set pieces are. Feels like I'm playing a differnt game than the one your all talking about does it just fall apart at the end?

Tell me what parts of the writing you thought were good. I can bet that, 4 times out of 5, there's something about that part or parts of the writing that annoys people who like good writing.

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@Nettaki: Attempting to belittle him for saying he doesn't mind the games writing. Nice. Really makes you look like the reasonable one.

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@Nettaki: Attempting to belittle him for saying he doesn't mind the games writing. Nice. Really makes you look like the reasonable one.

Belittle him? No, I'm honestly interested in what he likes about the game's writing, because it seems to clash heavily with other people's viewpoints on the writing being rather inconsistent and shallow.

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Belittle him? No, I'm honestly interested in what he likes about the game's writing, because it seems to clash heavily with other people's viewpoints on the writing being rather inconsistent and shallow.

Who cares if it clashes heavily with other peoples opinions? It is an opinion, the people who don't like the writing are no more "right" than someone who likes the writing. It is all subjective. You're implying that one side is right and he is wrong.

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@sanious: You have a point, but I still think it necessary to see where he's coming from. So far, he and I have been talking to each other via PM in a rather friendly way. I'm sorry that I implied one side was right and he was wrong. I really didn't mean that. It's just that a lot of other people that like the game seem to like it to the point of being ignorant of everyone else that didn't like it and unwilling to understand why, so they get thrown under the bus and called haters and whiny entitled children even when they're bringing up a good point of the game's potential flaws. Considering how the press and Capcom/NT treated them (more on the former than the latter, though the latter arguably started it), it's fairly easy to see why a lot of the people who dislike this game are frustrated with the people who like the game.

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