Surprise livestream archive?

#1 Posted by CptPanda29 (201 posts) -

Apparently there was another livestream of Brad playing DmC - anyone know where I can find it / if it'll be uploaded later?

#2 Posted by GaspoweR (4190 posts) -

You mean an archive that WASN'T the live stream from yesterday? This is news to me as well.

#3 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -
#4 Posted by GodlyOne (153 posts) -

It was archived and posted but something was wrong with the video so it's being worked on, Vinny should have it posted sometime soon.

#5 Posted by mrpandaman (887 posts) -

I see we have the same profile picture... but yeah Vinny's on it.

#7 Posted by ShaggE (7307 posts) -

Oh, good, was just looking for this. Ended up 15 minutes into the one on Twitch before saying "Waaaaaitaminuuuuute..." and realizing it was the QL livestream.

#8 Posted by CptPanda29 (201 posts) -

@Snail: Awesome, should really get on that twitter for stuff like this.

#9 Posted by Castiel (2973 posts) -

@mrpandaman said:

I see we have the same profile picture... but yeah Vinny's on it.

Well it seems like you and Mr. CptPanda29 has some business to take care of then. There's only room for so many pandas on GB.

#Breaks pool cue and throws it on the floor#

Well hurry up, we don't have all day now.

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