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So, I was searching the site for Devil May Cry, and both this and the original Devil May Cry came up, which makes sense since they have the exact same name. This is unacceptable. The first game is less than 10 years old, if the are rebooting the series the should at least have the courtesy to name it something different. Or maybe they could call it Devil May Cry 2 and replace the existing one, but the original game is great, and this only confuses the issue. Now everyone is going to have to call this "the Ninja Theory DMC" (since the first one is referred to as "DMC" anyway), or, depending on how it turns out, "the shitty DMC." Hopefully not though.  
I suggest they re-title it to "Devil May Cry: Hair-Color Origins" or "Devil May Cry: The One that was made by Ninja Theory instead of Kamiya" (DMC: TOTWMBNTIOK). 

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Devil May Cry: Devil's Haircut

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Devil May Cry: Tears of the Fanboys

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@audiosnag said:
" Devil May Cry: Tears of the Fanboys "
I second this.
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Meh, It worked for Sonic the Hedgehog :)
People will just call it DmC: 2kEleven.

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Dante May Cry 
I don't actually care about the redesign, but somebody was going to say it :P

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They'll probably get one.  Enslaved didn't get its "Odyssey to the West" subtitle until quite late into development.  Or perhaps it will just be "known" as DMC: Devil May Cry.

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Devil May Cry: Cry Harder - Directors Cut X.

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Really Unique Nightmares:  Devil May Cry

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Devil will Cry and Cut himself

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Heavenly Sword 2:  Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry: Cry Harder

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Devil May Cry: Twilight Prince

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@audiosnag said:
" Devil May Cry: Tears of the Fanboys "
HA! I like this one. 
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Devil May Cry, But Will He?

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 Devil May Cry: Get The Fuck Over It 
Not really funny but seriously.

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I thought it was titled just "Dmc", not actually Devil May Cry.

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"  Devil May Cry: Get The Fuck Over It  Not really funny but seriously. "
@audiosnag said:
" Devil May Cry: Tears of the Fanboys "
I support these two 100%
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Devil May Cry: The Meth Tales

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or something like that

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Devil May Cry:Cry May Devil-Directors (Hair)Cut.

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isn't it "DmC"?
i'd just called it Dee-lowercaseem-Cee.

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Devil May Cry: Dante's earlier Awakening.

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Devil May Cry: We're running out of ideas now.
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Devil May Cry: New Moon

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Devil May Cry: Out of the Closet 
Devil May Cry: Live Free Cry Harder 
Devil May Cry: And The Traveling Hair Stylist

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