Trophies not showing up.

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Now i assume it's because the game isn't out anywhere yet but I have unlocked a fair few trophies and don't want to have to earn them again, do you think that when the game is out they will start showing up?

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From what i understand they are getting rid of that stuff on the new site, so they might not be updating the trophy/achievement data very regularly. I still don't have steam achievement for skyrim after starting a week ago, and it took about a month for some of my PSN trophies to show up on my last game played.

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@Lego_My_Eggo: Sorry I should have been more specific, I mean the trophies are not showing up on my ps3 and when I sync the DMC trophies are nowhere to be found, and my trophy count has not gone up, it's stuck on 1999. When I'm in game the trophies pop when I get them. Like I said i'm sure it's just because the game isn't out yet but I hope they will show up come tuesday.

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I think once the game is released, everything should be square about that. I've been hearing that around the net.

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@Solh0und: Thank you.

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I had the same problem, if you switch your trophy collection to offline mode they will show up. My guess is that they won't sync until midnight tonight when the game is offically out

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