master_prophet's DmC Devil May Cry (PlayStation 3) review

Fantastic Reboot

Welcome back, Dante.

Now before I go on with praising up Ninja Theory's reboot, I have to throw in a disclaimer because of just how ridiculous all of the hate this game is getting, simply for being a different entry in this series. I'm not in anyway the biggest fan of the previous entry's in this franchise. I remember enjoying the original Devil May Cry, hating Devil May Cry 2 with the rest of the world, being frustrated as hell with Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, and feeling indifferent about Devil May Cry 4, so someone rebooting this franchise sits pretty well with me at this point. But keep in mind, I don't hold the massive love for these characters as many seem to, and it seems to boil down to three general mindsets on this reboot. You have the following:

1. The people that will outright dismiss DmC Devil May Cry because it isn't what they wanted.

2. The people that are passive with the original series, and will enjoy this entry or at least give it a shot.

3. Those that never cared for this franchise, and will give this a try just for being different.

Now, with that out the way, let's talk about just how fantastic this game really is.

This is a different Dante then you played with for the last decade, that's for sure. While the game starts off pretty outlandishly, and I was ok with this, the game really didn't blow my mind until a certain boss fight, the second major boss fight for those curious. I really don't want to give away the details of that boss battle, because it is just so excellent, but rest assured, it is the breath of fresh air that a game like this has needed for years. In fact, if it wasn't for the excellent Bayonetta a few years back, I wouldn't have played a action hacker like this since the moderately decent Devil May Cry 4. Not to dismiss anything Bayonetta does, because that game is fantastic in its own right, but I have to say that DmC Devil May Cry is the best action slasher I've played in years. Literally everything I hated about these games mechanically has been fixed, and only besides a few frame-rate issues, (in menus, oddly enough), this game is as fluid as you could want it to be. The excellent use of motion capture voice acting works extremely well here as well, bringing to life this world and struggle of angels and demons.

Is the story of this reboot insane? Absolutely. Up until that boss battle, I rolled my eyes at least half a dozen times. My personal favorite story bit involves the use of a energy drink, which just seems so out there, however, this sat much better with me when it was all over and done with. Sure there are different about these characters this time around, with Dante, Vergil, and Mundus all making returns in sort of different roles, but they all work so well because this story is so over-the-top.

The mechanics are improved, but basically the same as you remember. There are a grand total of eight different weapons you can use at any given time, all with the right combinations can bring you some crazy combos. The combo scoring is basically the same, bringing S, SS, and SSS ranks back. You are still scored on time, number of combos, item usage, and deaths at the end of each mission. There are also the lost souls, keys that open secret mission doors, and other collectables that you'd remember from the previous entries in this series. But there's also enough decent stabs at the original game that will either make fans laugh or cringe, the most notable one comes at the very beginning of the game. I laughed, but others could view it as a giant "f*** you" to fans of the original franchise.

Your initial playthrough will take you eight to ten hours, if you are a hardcore fan probably less. There are enough cutscenes and an insane story to keep you going. But considering I was never a fan of the original core franchise game's crushing difficulty, I felt right at home here. The game was engaging enough that I actually am excited to go back and playthrough on Son of Sparda. Achievements/trophies for this game will cater to the more hardcore player, and that's fine too.

It is just amazing, at the end of everything, how well this game turned out. While I applaud Ninja Theory for going the direction they did, others will hate this game simply because it isn't what they wanted. All I know is that I enjoyed this more then any previous Devil May Cry, and I am extremely excited to see where they go for a sequel.

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Posted by Jimbo7676

I never played 2 because how bad everyone said it was but I liked the first game and loved the third game. DMC 3 was one of those rare games where I really wanted to play the harder modes. I managed to beat the difficulty above hard but got no further. I didn't much care for 4. I have this game preordered on steam and I am counting down the days. So excited to play this.

Posted by Master_Prophet

From what I've heard and read, the PC version is the best way to play this game.

Edited by SunnyTelight

Nice review, looking forward to playing this on PC tomorrow.

Edit: Dreams crushed. For some reason thought the game came one week after consoles but it is actually the 25th. Well, looking forward to this weekend to play on PC!!!

Posted by Dudacles

It is indeed really entertaining, and this is coming from someone who loves Devil May 1 and 3 to death and greatly enjoyed 4 in its own right as well. All the people who are determined to hate it need to go and do something else. Ninja Theory made a great game in its own right that deserves the DMC name. And if you don't like it, don't buy it and go back to comboing sloths in the skull room in Devil May Cry 3. That'll cheer you up.

Posted by WMoyer83

I read somewhere on the internet that people don't like Ninja Theory. I do not know why, they make excellent games. I will definitely pick this one up.

Posted by ScribbleScrabble

Here's a deeper look at the character development and tone in the DmC game! You should totes m'gotes watch it!

Edited by SuperFusion

I bought this on PC and I love it. The only thing that bothers me is that they make that giant "fuck you" to fans who didn't like the redesign at the beginning of the game and Dante says: "Not in a million years." Alright, very funny. But then, not even two weeks later, Ninja Theory releases the "original" Dante skin. (On the PC it's a pre-order bonus) What the fuck? I don't get this. It's like they made a giant taunt to the original fans who were pissed at the character redesign but then regretted it and took it back and released this skin. I find that pretty retarded.

Posted by Master_Prophet

I think Ninja Theory released the original Dante skin as a "band-aid" for that one scene you are talking about. I agree too, although I laughed, I looked at it as a giant fuck you to the fans of the original look of Devil May Cry.

Posted by Extortion

I was actually really surprised and impressed with the quality of the voice work and motion capture. In most games of this type, a cutscene's only purpose is to serve as a break between levels and as such, aren't given a great deal of attention by the dev team. Ninja Theory hired real actors and it shows. You can actually infer subtext from a scene just by Dante or Vergils body language or eye movements and I think thats pretty damn impressive for a video game. Also, some of the back and forth dialogue between Dante and Vergil is some truly great voice acting. The story seems a little boilerplate so far (keep in mind, I haven't finished it yet) but I feel the quality of the voice acting and motion capture can carry this game regardless of how the rest of the story shakes out. Oh and the combat is some of the best this franchise has ever seen so there's that too... It's just a great game.

Posted by Paindamnation

@SunnyTelight said:

Nice review, looking forward to playing this on PC tomorrow.

Edit: Dreams crushed. For some reason thought the game came one week after consoles but it is actually the 25th. Well, looking forward to this weekend to play on PC!!!

It's out now, and great.

Posted by SunnyTelight

@Paindamnation: Played a good amount this weekend, just started mission 14. Having a blast. Looks amazing and runs great.

Posted by Paindamnation

@SunnyTelight said:

@Paindamnation: Played a good amount this weekend, just started mission 14. Having a blast. Looks amazing and runs great.

It's pretty high on my list. As long as Bioshock Infinite shapes up as well as it should, it should still be my GOTY, but this game I beat in about 10 hours, and was well worth it. So definitely did a great job. Plus I already went back on the harder difficulty.

Posted by SunnyTelight

A great start to the year that is for sure. I had zero interest in this game until I read Brad's review. I only played the first game and just never cared to play any of the others after that. Really glad I gave this one a chance.

I thought the "Not in a million years." moment was pretty great but I can see how fans of the originals could take it personally. I actually like the new Dante more than I thought I would, especially as I get farther into the story.

Posted by Zaxex

I'm so glad Brad's review hit when it did, it put the game on my radar and I'm very thankful for that. I'm not too concerned with the controversy, because this is one of the best games I've ever played.

I did have some reverence for the Devil May Cry series, though I've only played 3 and 4 previously - only beating the latter of the two a few days ago. That said, I can honestly say that I care more about DmC than Devil May Cry now. Still, I'll get the HD collection and play through those three games soon.

Posted by Nettacki

@WMoyer83 said:

I read somewhere on the internet that people don't like Ninja Theory. I do not know why, they make excellent games. I will definitely pick this one up.

It could be because their games are story-driven, and though the stories and presentation tend to be very good, the actual gameplay tends to be not nearly as good. Like, it's just functional enough to use to get to the next cutscene, or something.

Edited by Undeadpool

Couldn't agree more. I haven't had so much fun with an action game in YEARS.

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