mikey2d's DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360) review

The reboot of Devil May Cry misses some steps, but certainly makes some strides in the visual department

DMC - the reboot of the Devil May Cry series - is not the perfect game many are totting it to be. I find it hard to swallow when a reviewer goes as far as to highlight issues within a game but then doesn't mark the content down accordingly. If there are issues, it is by no means perfect, and a review score should reflect that.

To offer some insight - I am long time fan of the Devil May Cry series. I'm also a very big fan of the original version of Dante. However, unlike some rather irrational individuals, I was willing to let this game sit in my xbox 360 without screaming at the TV non stop or trying to get the government to remove the game from store shelves. That said, from the first announcement of this game, I was reluctant due to the sweeping changes that Ninja Theory and Capcom were making at the behest of the original fan base. I don't see it as a wise or strategic decision to say things like 'Dante isn't cool anymore', you're pushing away potential customers who might see it as 'if it ain't broke - don't fix it'. I'm not beyond the idea of Dante being updated, but I feel the new character falls incredibly short of the mark. The writing and the character development is incredibly poor. Witty banter before a confrontation, was always Dante's bread and butter. Here he comes across as a juvenille child who just learnt how to swear in the playground. If you were to take away his swearing, most of what he says is so bland it doesn't even matter and by the end of the game I was so indifferent to him as a character - I just didn't care anymore.

The combat is much like rebellion, a double edged sword. You'll notice that it feels fast and smooth and the animation of the attacks is top notch. But at the same time, there are issues. Though the combat is perhaps the most advanced and robust in a Devil May Cry game, it also the most painfully easy of the series. S ranks and beyond, were a challenge to strive towards in earlier entries, but here they are quickly obtained. The combo ranks you get during combat, don't go away unless you are struck by an enemy. Dante is free to run around indefinately. With enemies who telegraph attacks about 3 seconds before doing them, keeping such combos isn't overly taxing. I know that from completing the game, harder difficulties are unlocked, but to offer next to no real challenge on a first time play through when I've asked for one - is disappointing to say the least.

Enemies are thankfully original and visually interesting. The main crux of challenge found within combat is the combination of enemies which changes up how you might approach a scenario. With both Angelic and Demonic weapons, Dante at times has to switch between these to hit specific targets. Later enemies, especially a teleporting sword fighter, offered some challenge to a game which was otherwise sufficently lack in that department.

A big bonus for DMC is the world Ninja Theory has created and offers to the player. Combat scenarios take place in limbo, a twisted alternate reality of the real world, which gives the game a rather unique look. Some of these areas, especially a night club towards the second half of the game are visual masterpieces, ones which have to be seen for yourself to truely appreciate. The level of detail and the amount of work that clearly went into them is very apparent. The boss fights, though also benefiting from such visual prowess - are unfortunately some of the easiest encounters for the series to date. The 'end game' especially, was a cake walk.

Overall, DMC is a solid game for its world and gameplay content, however it is brought down by its dull characters, story and less challenging combat scenarios. My feelings towards Dante, are my own. Where I may not like him - I know, others out there actually do. Personally I feel a character like Nero from Devil May Cry 4 was infinitly more interesting however, I'm not going to let my opinion of a character, heavily colour my review score - 'new' Dante is like marmite, you're either going to love him or hate him.


  • Visually stunning
  • Good use of soundtrack
  • Fluid and robust combat


  • Extremely easy combat
  • Weak story and dialogue

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