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In Dawn of Sorrow

As one of the main antagonist and second candidate to absorb Dracula powers, Dmitrii acts as a Boss technically 2. The first encounter Dmitrii will use his power to copy any attack Soma uses against him, this is restricted to Bullet type souls (aka the red ones). If the player uses a powerful soul like Great Axe Armor this battle can be difficult, but the other side of the coin if the player uses a weak soul like Une this battle becomes very easy. After being defeated Dmitrii lets his soul be absorb by Soma, this was done to further enhance his own copy powers. Later in the game when Celia tries to trick Soma by killing a doppelganger Mina, the power flux lets Dmitrii out of Soma and take the doppleganger body as his own. At the end of the game Soma arrives moments after Dmitrii has finish offering Celia in a ritual to take control of a powerful soul, however his powers are not enough to control the souls he has gather and they destroy Dmitrii's body combining into the final boss Menace.

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