Is anyone else playing this?

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I'm around 5-6 hours, and I really really REALLY want to put this game down, because its probably the worst game I've played all year, but I was wondering with some help from other people, I might be able to not feel completely salty about paying FULL PRICE for it. Does this game get any better?

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Is this a poor man's Layton or something? Recently I got sold on SolaToRobo wanting an RPG with a twist but god damn I hate that game. Everything about it is garbage. If you hate it man just put it down. It sucks making a bad buy but just get it out of your life. Unless you want to like it ironically or want to evaluate it's design just throw it over your back yard fence like I did with my shitty DS game.

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It's a poor man's Layton in that the characters are pretty much the same, but they also interact with each other the same too. But the puzzles in the game consist of crossword puzzles that you already have the answers too, reverse minesweeper, block sliding puzzles and goddam 'Spot the Difference' puzzles. Whilst you walk around ancient tombs underneath Paris. With pictures of Paris in that time period.

That and the other parts of the game are almost identical to the poetry puzzle bit in L.A. Noire, except you never get the chance to figure stuff out yourself, you just press the 'A' button and the character shows how smart he is, solves it, and then makes you walk to some other place.

So, yeah, public service announcement: Don't buy this game.

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