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Dr. Robert West first appears in act III of Dead Island. He is a scientist working at the Geo Pharm Laboratory. The protagonists are sent to Dr. West hoping he would have a cure for the outbreak. Since the crew of 4 is immune to the virus, they hope Dr. West can use their blood to help find an antidote.

West is initially unsuccessful in finding an antidote, so he sends the crew to find a native who has been unaffected by the zombie outbreak. After finding Yerema, the Banoi native, the protagonists leave her with Dr. West for further testing and to hopefully come up with a cure.

Upon return to the laboratory, the crew discovers that the place has been overrun by zombies. Yerema explains that Dr. West was taking too much of her blood while being tested on. She feared that she was going to eventually die of blood loss so she locked herself into a cage. During all the commotion, the test zombies were released throughout the laboratory. The zombies kill all of the workers in the lab, including Dr. West.


After Dr. West dies in the laboratory, Ryder White contacts the antagonists via radio. White assumes that the doctor has finished his antidote, and asks for them to retrieve it. The antidote is found in the West's mini refrigerator.

At the end of the game, Emily White bites Ryder. White uses the antidote, which he had intended to use on his wife, on himself. Ryder immediately becomes infected himself and grows even stronger and bigger than his human form. This suggests that the antidote was not finished, and instead had reverse effects.

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