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 Dodge Viper GTS, as seen in Gran Turismo 4
The Dodge Viper GTS is the second generation of Dodge's high-powered sports car and is preceded by the Dodge Viper RT/10. It was made into production in 1996, improving upon a multitude of areas from it's predecessor, such as an entirely re-worked chassis, a completely redesigned engine and suspension and re-worked, although poor, brakes. The Viper GTS is renowned, like it's predecessor, for its powerful V10 engine and aggressive design. The GTS was introduced as a "Coupe" model, designed a hard-roof and lighter body. Although it shares a multitude of color schemes, the Viper GTS is most commonly associated with its distinctive Pearl Blue metallic paint and white stripes.
The Viper GTS saw few major changes in its production, with the introduction of rear-exit exhausts and ABS being the most notable of changes. 
Near the end of its production in 2002, the Viper GTS was re-designed with a red-and-white-stripes scheme to commemorate the Oreca Viper racing cars. They were dubbed the "Final Edition" models of the famed sports car and the Viper GTS was subsequently discontinued. It was succeeded in 2006 by the Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe. 9 years after the end of it's production, the Viper GTS continues to be one of the most iconic American sports cars in history. 

In videogames 

The Viper GTS, as seen in Auto Modellista 
The Dodge Viper GTS is featured in a vast multitude of racing games, such as Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. It is generally seen alongside it's predecessor, the RT/10, and in rare instances with it's concept car cousin, the Dodge Copperhead. 
The Viper GTS is also featured in its racing format in several games as well. From the Oreca Racing Team models to the racing-kit Viper GTS-R, the car holds a strong variety of appearances in a vast amount of racing games.

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