Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu probably coming to Europe.

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Some Belgian wholesaler apparently has Cave's Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu listed as coming out there October 15. This is obviously just a rumour until we hear from either the developer or the publisher, but it's very likely to be true. The PAL version of Deathsmiles was a success, and Rising Star Games have been hinting a new Cave localization. 
Great news!
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Good find!

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The game has now been removed from the wholesaler's site. Take that as you will. Also, I came across a French news article, almost two weeks old, claiming a localized version of the game will be released in October "according to Rising Star Games".

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Cool, I guess DeathSmiles did well for them then. I didn't touch it but I'd be down for some Dodonpachi.

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They say they're aiming for November.

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This is awesome. I hope they will bring even more of these games to europe. I prefer vertical shmups so deathsmiles wasn't for me.

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Here's the official trailer, full of blurry, stretched footage of the game: 

As you can see at the end they've chosen to use the gorgeous Japanese Limited Edition box art.
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