New Dodonpachi coming to arcades.

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Cave has confirmed this is their new arcade shooter. It is a vertical shooter. It will be on location test in Hey Arcade in Akihabara, Japan, from February 3-5. 
The game will feature a new “Dress System” but retain the chaining from previous games. They also state it will be more “stylish” and “cool” than previous DDPs. It will have music by Namiki Manabu and is due out in Spring 2012.

Extremely excited for this! I hope Cave have moved on to new hardware. Daifukkatsu really pushed the SH-3 to its limits.
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More stylish and cool? I can dress the anime ladies?

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You play as a creepy pedophile and have to act stylish and cool so you can get near the lolis without them suspecting you. Then you have to undress them. You get a score multiplier by quickly chaining loli clothing removal. Instead of bullets you dodge policemen.

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@Icemael said:

You play as a creepy pedophile and have to act stylish and cool so you can get near the lolis without them suspecting you. Then you have to undress them. You get a score multiplier by quickly chaining loli clothing removal. Instead of bullets you dodge policemen.

I can't tell whether this is true or a joke. I'm leaning towards it being true which makes me a bit disturbed.

But good for Cave to make more creepy-borderline-directly-disturbing content.

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@Village_Guy: It's a joke.

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@TobbRobb said:

@Village_Guy: It's a joke.

Now I don't want to play it.

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The location test for this game started today. The first info is trickling in from 2Ch: 
-Feels like a mix of Daioujou and Daifukkatsu Black Label. No Reddo gauge, though. 
-Dress system is linked with the shot selection (it changes the clothes of your pilot). Shot=military garb, Laser=everyday cloths, Expert=Swimsuit/bikini 
-Combo gauge appears to be like Daifukkatsu BL – it doesn’t cut, just slowly reduces when you break your chain. 
-Three button system (shot, bomb, laser). 
-Autobomb on/off. With it off, it’s like Daioujou’s system. With it on, one autobomb takes all your bomb stock, and bombs don’t replenish. 
-No shot power up items, you start full charged up like in Daifukkatsu. 
-Daioujou-type hyper rank 
-Expert mode is much harder (like Strong style in Daifukkatsu BL).

Sounds great. I especially like that they've made autobomb less useful and kept Daifukkatsu's fully powered shot. The "dress system" just sounds like when you picked pilots in Dodonpachi Daioujou so I don't know why that was touted as something new. Pictures and/or video probably coming soon.
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Videos from the location test:

They weren't kidding about it being cool and stylish. I think it looks better than any other Cave game to date, and that's saying something because Daifukkatsu Black Label is one of the prettiest games I have ever played. The Daioujou-style hypers also look great. I really hope the local arcade imports this.
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Well, it looks like I'm throwing more money in Cave's direction.

@Icemael: Thanks for posting these videos!

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Great video of a guy playing through the first two stages and a bit of the third with the Expert bullet patterns:

I'm guessing there won't be a second loop since this essentially seems to fill that function.
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Rancor and Muchi Muchi Spork of Shmups Forum have translated three interviews:    

Select quotes:

Interviewer: I want to first thank you for your time. I know you are quite busy with preparing for the location test tomorrow. 

Tsuneki Ikeda: Recent games are being made with comparatively little money and time, but we tried to make this game with a larger budget and more hours spent on programming and design. But we never expected it to be this much hard work. 
Interviewer: Maybe that's because the game is a sequel? Were you conscious about that? 
Tsuneki Ikeda: We really wanted to keep it simple and focus on the fun of dodging shots, which most can agree was the best part of the first one.

Interviewer: So you are also in charge of the difficulty of the game? 
Daisuke Koizumi: I’m planning to innovate the hyper system in "Dai Oujou" by making the difference between risk and reward quite clear. As you use the hyper more, both the difficulty and the score will go up. So the players ought to enjoy the game that way too. For those who cannot be satisfied with the normal play, a super difficult mode has also been added. That way even the most experienced players can enjoy the game for a long time. 
Interviewer: Maybe it's stupid to ask this, but was it really tough to make this game? 
Daisuke Koizumi: It was challenging for me to create the system in which a game is simple yet satisfying. It is not easy to differentiate a game that is simple from other titles.

Interviewer: Lastly, do you have any message to the readers? 
Daisuke Koizumi: We are planning to come up with some serious shooting games down the road. Believe it.

According to the official site  the game is hitting arcades April 20. 
Promotional video:
Looks great.
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Damn, there's even dubstep in Shmups now?

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@TobbRobb: Yeah, I thought he was being serious too. The main post talk about a "dress system" and how it's more stylish and cool. It's understandable to take that seriously, mate.

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@UnrealDP: I'm confused as hell. I dont remember this thread in the least.

What are you even try to say to me? I don't even know if I was serious or not.

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@TobbRobb: GAH, this thread is two months old and someone brought it back from the dead and I didn't even notice. My bad on that one, mate.

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Impressions from a top Western shoot 'em up player who spent about five hours playing and watching: 

EOJ said:

On to the game - oh boy, this is Cave done right. Easily the best DDP game. Ever. Made. It's balls to the walls hard, but doesn't feel unfair. Harder than DOJ's first loop, Ketsui's first loop, and Futari 1.5 Maniac. Bomb and Laser are about as hard as Futari 1.0 Maniac. Expert is Ultra mode level. I don't like DOJ much but I love this game to pieces. Everything about it feels perfect. 
I played mainly B-Laser, I got up to the Stage 3 boss twice, and made it to Stage 4 once on my last credit (with autobomb off). I tried a credit with C-Expert and got to the stage 2 midboss, but it's too fucking hard to waste 100 yen on in the arcades for a few minutes of play. Only one other guy tried it, then he never went back either. 
As for differences from the location test version, the difficulty is nearly the same, but they slowed down the nasty bullet spam in stage 3. The stage is now really perfect - I love it. This game feels mainly like Ketsui on steroids with a fine-tuned DDP scoring system. Feels like pure Ikeda and Ichimura and not much else. Doesn't feel like Yagawa at all. The stage 4 midboss slams you with a total Ketsui-ish pattern right at the start, I had to smile when I saw that. I saw one guy get to Stage 5 but he didn't last long. Stage 4 is awesome. Dark, gritty, shit flying at you from all directions. Hard as hell. 
It felt like it was harder to get higher hyper ranks in this compared to the location test and I never saw the rank get over 02. Even at rank 00 it's brutal. This game will wipe the floor with all the scrubs out there. It's old-school Cave done right in 2012. 
Oh yeah, extends are at 800mil and 1.8bil. There is a 1UP (the icon is on the movestrip), but I didn't see anyone get it. You may have to no-miss/no bomb the stage 3 midboss. That's my current theory. My best score was 900mil, best score of the day was 1.9bil (with B-laser).Scoring is pretty hard, keeping your chain going is tough and a couple breaks and your hit count is demolished. The chaining meter did seem to last longer than in previous DDP games, though.

Another thing I'd like to mention is this game is all about bullet dodging. There are very few bullet cancels and comparatively little slowdown (which is a major reason why the game is so hard). When you use a hyper you get a bullet cancel, but not when you exit a hyper. So the result is you have to dodge a lot, and it really brings back that great feeling of dodging bullets that has not been as prominent in some recent Cave titles. And it's not just tapping left or right over and over through easy-to-see openings in a bullet stream, you really have to move around a lot (up, down, all over the screen) to dodge this stuff. I made the comparison to Futari 1.0(1) Maniac because that is probably Ikeda & Ichimura's last great dodger and SDOJ feels much like it in that there aren't many bullet cancels and the difficulty level is high (Futari 1.5 Maniac is a great dodger too but there are a lot of bullet cancels). Getting back to SDOJ, the bullet patterns are so well designed that dodging them successfully is a great thrill and just becomes more and more fun and rewarding as you go through the game. I think this is the game's greatest accomplishment.

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1CC video:

It really does look like the most fun Dodonpachi game to date. Can't wait to play it!
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Oh wow, a 1CC already? Impressive stuff. It looks rather fun in a crazy way.

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Found a video of the TLB starting at 3:20. This looks insane:

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Word is there's a second TLB. 陽 (yang) is part of Hibachi's name, and there's a picture of an arcade scoreboard showing a player who has reached a 陰 (yin) boss.

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Cave will be bringing the latest arcade DoDonPachi game to Xbox 360. Announced at today's Xbox 360 Great Appreciation Festival event in Akihabara, DoDonPachi Saidaioujou will be released for the system in Spring 2013. 
New features for the home version include high resolution visuals, a new novice mode, an Xbox 360 specific arrange mode, and a new character, Element Doll Extra D.

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