What kind of dog do you own? (post pictures)

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My family has a Border Collie. Quite a common breed but it's still amazing to watch her grow up.

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The one called a cat.

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 I have two cocker spaniels.  The top one is Max and the bottom one is Jackson.

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Golden Retriever and German Shepard.  Libby and Stella, respectively. Love them dogs!
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my cousin's .. he lives upstairs so its kinda mine too 
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 My dog actually died a few weeks ago. He's been in my family since I was 8. He was a mutt, I think part golden retriever and something else that I can't remember. 



My other dog is a cockapoo or something. He's a nice dog but annoying as hell. 
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
my cousin's .. he lives upstairs so its kinda mine too  "
I want one!
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I don't have a dog right now.  My last one died earlier this year.  We had to put her to sleep.

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Ma dog

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I have a black lab, border collie mix. She is getting old and her hips are giving out on her sadly. She is 15 years old. Took this picture 3 months ago or something.

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@NoXious: :D So cute
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This is my dog. The one that's kind of in the picture is my mom's. She's living with us, so her dog is here, too. I don't count it as mine.

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My dog Murphy.
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I own a welsh corgi and a Pekingese.  



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 This is my families husky. 

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My girl picked this Yorkie out for her Xmas present but I luv the little rat dog 2 death.  Not very straight of me but don't have the running room for a big dog like I grew up with. 
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Cute doggies!  I have a Papillon named Akira :)

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this is my soon to be new dog, allijah. she's a siberian husky. 
I'm getting to dog to cheer up the one we allready own, Wishes. She's a siberian husky too. 
:D cute isn't she?
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This is my Vonnegut, he's surprisingly stupid.      

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If I post a picture of my dog on here, my cat will get jealous, so just to make everyone happy.

Bisto - love her to bits!
Memo (Previously named 'John McClean before we found out she was a girl)
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@JerichoBlyth said:
"If I post a picture of my dog on here, my cat will get jealous, so just to make everyone happy.
Bisto - love her to bits!
Wow a daschund! i love those dogs soooo much~! 
That's a cute one too. Awwwwwwwww.....
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Half corgi/chihuahua 
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I have a pit bull/lab or something else we don't know =(

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@Stang said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic said:
my cousin's .. he lives upstairs so its kinda mine too  "
I want one! "
This is the coolest dog I have ever seen. It's like an album cover and the artist never looks at the camera. 
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this thread is so cute its giving me diabetes. :)
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Here's Moses.  He's an English Mastiff.
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T_T My mom is afraid of dogs, so I've never had one. So sad.

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A beagle.
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@RE_Player92:  i took that picture using a Nokia phone :P when i uploaded it on Deviantart it got mad favorites and comments !
i miss that dog.. he gave it away a few months ago and got himself a Pitbull
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This is Poppi, my family's Basset Hound. Think of her as a longer and saggier version of SpiralStairs' dog. 

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my bloodhound daisy (as a puppy) and my 2 cats fighting in the background.
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I like beagles Too... Heck, i love all dogs! 
:) they are all so cute~! 
DOGS... RULE~!  
(Just like real bout Fatal fury... Just kidding, relax! It's a joke. jeez...)
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2012 world's ugliest dog: Mugly

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Ran across her one evening while in the woods while hunting, no color and freezing out. She is 7 months in this picture. I know she is a beagle but not sure if she is full or not. Anyone with knowledge on the breed your comments will be much appreciated as I am very curious to find out Molly's true breed!

This is another picture of her at 5 months

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Here's my cat puppy!

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My dog Kodi; Apparently a Wolf Rottweiler mix. I don't know if it's true, but he looks it from the right angle or when he's mad. Crazy smart! He even saved my life once! He's a little over protective of the family, but he's a good dog.

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DOGS. This one is mine.

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He's also my profile picture on the site, but here's Chuey, our pomeranian.

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My Dalmatian Lola
and as a puppy !!!!

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Pug/Griffon (actual breed name) mix:


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I love that a dog is a concept.

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