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After the Divine Dragon King Naga passed away, he left orders for the remaining dragons to live in peace and harmony with the humans. For a brief period this was a reality, but soon proved this to be impossible. The humans were afraid of the manakete, and in turn forced them to live in shame, hiding from society at large, and being treated as second class citizens. The Earth Dragon Medeus could not tolerate this betrayal of the humans, so he defied Naga's will and created the Dolhr Empire, in hopes of creating a society by dragons for dragons. Medeus created an army of dragons, and unleashed a reign of terror over Archanea, like none had ever seen. When all hope had seemed lost for mankind, the hero Anri stepped forth, and defeated Medeus.

After a century of dormancy, the Dolhr Empire rose again as the Dark Pontifex Gharnef resurrected Medeus. Forming an alliance, the two men rebuilt the empire, and spread its influence across the continent. Forming further alliances with the nations of Macedon, Grust, and Gra; Dolhr threw Archanea into war, and the War of Shadows was born.



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The king of Dolhr, he raised an army to destroy the humans that he despised. Centuries prior to the War of Shadows, Medeus was given the task of guarding the Dragon's Dale from Naga. Medeus patiently watched over the Dale, but soon grew tired of the arrogance and xenophobia of the humans. Forming a large army, Medeus conquered Archanea, and was able to severely decimate the human population. Medeus had nearly completed his dream of destroying the human civilization, but then the hero Anri had came, and defeated the Shadow Dragon. A century later, Medeus was revived and again tried to destroy the humans during the War of Shadows. Defeated by Prince Marth, Medeus was revived once more three years later, and this time he was defeated for the final time.


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A general in the Dolhr army, he was tasked with defending Dolhr Castle. When the Archanean League had defeated the Grust and Macedon armies, they turned their attention on Dolhr and promptly invaded the empire. When the army arrived at the outskirts of the castle, Xemcel met them in battle. Xemcel held a deep grudge for the way the humans abused their power, and died lamenting his failure to protect Medeus.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with occupying Altea Castle. After King Cornelius had been defeated at the Battle of Menedy River, the Dolhr army with its allies took control of the beaten Altean Castle. As the general in charge of the occupation force, Morzas took Marth's mother Lyza, and sister Elice captive. Elice was soon taken away by Gharnef, but Lyza was left in Morzas's custody. Morzas took pleasure in Queen Lyza's situation, and he had her tortured constantly under his watch until she died of her wounds. When Prince Marth and his army arrived, Morzas taunted them with the news of Lyza's death, but this only fueled their desire to defeat him.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with occupying the Millennium Palace. In charge of the Dolhr forces in Archanea, Volzhin was one of the strongest bishops in the army. When the Archanean League invaded, Volzhin proudly met them in battle but was defeated by the army. Some suggest that Volzhin is not a regular human mage, but actually a manakete who lost the ability to transform like Gotoh.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with occupying the Millennium Palace under General Volzhin. When the Archanean League arrived in Knorda, Khozen attacked the army from the surrounding defense towers. While he wished to boil the blood of men, Khozen was soundly defeated by the League, and died begging for forgiveness from Medeus.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with retrieving Princess Nyna from the care of General Camus. When Medeus had grown impatient with Camus protecting Nyna from harm, Bulzak was dispatched to retrieve her, and to punish Camus. After a fierce battle on the Archanean/Aurelis border, Bulzak was able to capture Camus and his knights, but Nyna was already spirited away by Prince Hardin. Bulzak spared Camus' subordinates from punishment, but imprisoned the general, and had him tortured all the way to Dolhr Castle. His fate after the War of Shadows is unknown.

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