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01Title Screen00:13
03Team Profile01:24
04Main Menu01:03
05Theme of Red Hot Doluckys02:08
06Theme of Pochi Funky Dogs02:46
07Theme of Debid Rabbit Rockers03:53
08Theme of Goro Wild Bears02:48
10Goal Celebration ~ Red Hot Doluckys00:07
11Goal Celebration ~ Pochi Funky Dogs00:08
12Goal Celebration ~ Debid Rabbit Rockers00:08
13Goal Celebration ~ Goro Wild Bears00:07
14Own Goal ~ Red Hot Doluckys00:03
15Own Goal ~ Pochi Funky Dogs00:04
16Own Goal ~ Debid Rabbit Rockers00:04
17Own Goal ~ Goro Wild Bears00:04
18Half Time Status02:36
19Half Time Show01:25
21P.K. ~ Goalie Blocks!00:02
22P.K. ~ Goal!00:03
23End of Game00:04
24Next Tour Mode Game00:07
25A New Rival Has Arrived!00:02
26Stop Dr. Yamada's Evil Scheme!02:20
27Defeated Dr. Yamada!00:04
28Theme of Jet Mole Dangerous03:17
29Goal Celebration ~ Jet Mole Dangerous00:08
30Own Goal ~ Jet Mole Dangerous00:04

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