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Dolucky pitching and batting.

Dolucky no Kusayakiu (the name roughly means "Dolucky's Grass Baseball"; it's clearly some sort of pun as "yakiu" is not written in a conventional manner ( 野球 or やきゅう).) is a comical baseball game with teams that consist exclusively of particular types of animals that are named after Coca Cola products. Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses and special abilities (I.E., special bats, special pitches, etc.). It is otherwise a typical baseball game. Sometimes weather will affect the game (i.e., a storm); other bizarre random events are also possible. At the 7th inning stretch, everyone stops for a nice can of their Coke product of choice.

Dolucky the Cat

The title character, "Neco Dolucky" (his full name) is a cool cat from New York City. He enjoys soul music and dancing, and loves nothing more than a cool, refreshing Coca Cola Classic. One day he and his other animal friends were bored, so they decided to start a baseball league. One can assume their sponsor is the Coca Cola Corporation... Suddenly, they receive a challenge via telegram from the "Tab Clear Empire Hellthunder Destroyers!" Of course they can't back down, that wouldn't be TOUGH. Fight on through baseball, boys!


These are the playable teams in the game. The final opponents in the story mode, a team of fleas called the "Tab Clear Hellthunder Destroyers", are not playable.

The Coca Cola Doluckies.

The Coca Cola Doluckies: A team consisting entirely of cats, lead by Dolucky. They are a balanced team, skilled equally in all stats.

The Poochies.

The Fanta Fire Poochies: A team consisting entirely of dogs, they are also a well-balanced team. Obviously their drink of choice is Fanta. They are the chief rivals of the Doluckies.

The Gorous.

The Georgia Gorou Yakyuu Kai: The Georgia "Gorou Baseball Association". Composed entirely of bears, they are named after Georgia Select, Coke's Japanese coffee label. They are the strongest team in terms of strength and stamina, but are very slow and otherwise unremarkable.

The Devitrollers.

The Vegita Beta Devitrollers: A team of rabbits named after Vegita Beta, Coke's Japanese vegetable-vitamin drink. They have a very high speed, speed but are quite weak in hitting power.

The Wakamoto family.

The Coke Light Ninja Wakamoto Ikka: The "Ninja Wakamoto Family" (忍者若本一家), a team composed of ninja chickens. They also have very high speed, but slightly superior hitting power compared to the Devitrollers. They have less stamina, though.

The Longnoses.

The Sprite Paozouto Longnoses: A powerful team of elephants. Their stats are in general quite high, but they're pretty slow. They represent the popular lemon and lime drink Sprite.

The Gumbos.

The Hi-C Gumbos: Another powerful team composed of gorillas. Once again, their largest weakness is their relative lack of foot speed.

The Otokichis.

The Aquarius Otokichi-kun tachi: A team of idiot seals all named Otokichi. They don't really excel at anything, but are faster than average. Their drink of choice is obviously Aquarius, a Japanese sports drink from Coke.

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