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Dominique Paradis is an agent for the French Intelligence, making an appearance in 007: Nightfire as one of James Bond's love interests (Bond girl).

In the game's opening mission, Bond is ordered to save Paradis, who is being pursued through the streets of Paris by terrorists, whose plan is to destroy the Eiffel Tower. Bond is able to subdue the terrorists by sniping from a helicopter, and rescue Paradis in his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

Paradis is later assigned to investigate the dissappearance of a nuclear warhead. This leads her to infiltrate Raphael Drake's organization, and pose as Drake's mistress. This gives Bond an informant to know about Drake's plans.

After Bond infiltrates Drake's company's headquarters in Japan, he encounters Dominique, and she alerts that a trap has been set for him, allowing him to escape safely. During this encounter, they are caught on tape, blowing Paradis cover, and leading to her death by Kiko, one of Drake's henchmen, who kicked Diminique off a Phoenix Enterprises' building's rooftop.

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