In the first World of DK64

#1 Posted by TheMasterDS (2401 posts) -

When making your way to Diddy Kong for the first time, do you climb up Funky's, or do you swing across the gap and use the barrel cannon to reach Diddy? Personally, every single time I've replayed that game, I've climbed up Funky's. It only occurred to me very recently that swinging across the gap and taking the barrel cannon was probably what I was supposed to do, especially considering how tricky it is to get up onto Funky's. 
So anyone out there who remembers the first moments of DK64, do you scale Funky's or do it the intended way? 

#2 Posted by Dooops (314 posts) -

I just purchased a Nintendo 64 in a yard sale. It has Donkey Kong 64 with it ... so I'll let you know what I decide... hehehe decisions decisions :P

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