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So I was thinking about DKC3's soundtracks, the SNES one and the entirely seperate GBA one because OCRemix intends to remix both of them like they did for DKC2 and DKC. They were both fine, so I don't doubt the chances of this one turning out good, but then the GBA isn't exactly great. Oh sure, there are some great tracks in there, such as Waterfall, but there are too many of them which make terrible mistakes, most of which can be found in the worst of the bunch, Frosty Frolics. Part of it are the gaps in the music where all the instruments go out for a smoke and leave ambient noise all on his own (and know, those gaps can be long), part of is the bits where it segues as rough as one can segue from cheerful yodeling to eerie wind, and part of is because it's just plain bad. I sorta feel like a lot of that was done to be more like himself 15 years ago, as at times he'd have bits where the song would simmer down and switch to a different tone, but those were more solos than gaps, and were segued into well. 
But then, maybe I'm wrong and the GBA soundtrack isn't shit. Maybe it's genius and I just don't know it.  What do you lot think?

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As far as I'm concerned, the SNES DKC games have some of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time. Although this is true, the third's soundtrack definately pales in comparison to the first two (this is because David Wise, the composer for the first two games, was much less involved with the music in the third). 
Anyways, I think you're right about the third GBA game's soundtrack: it's definately shit. I had high hopes for the DKC 3 GBA game when I read that David Wise did the music for it, but, come on, what happened? 
Let's compare:  
Rockface Rumble    
 SNES Version
 GBA Version

Frosty Frolics
SNES Version
GBA Version
It's pretty obvious which game has the better soundtrack. But of course, by just listening to tracks like DKC 2's Bramble Blast or DKC 1's Life in the Mines how truly great the music of the DKC trilogy is. 

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