A Little Donkey Kong Country Trivia...

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You know the music that plays during the first stage in Donkey Kong Country, in the level called "Jungle Hijinx", well it's actually three demo tracks pieced together:

“I was on holiday in France at the time I first got to know that we would be making a Donkey Kong game,” David Wisetold CVG. “So I had a couple of weeks to think about different styles.
“I wasn’t sure which direction to take things in, so I put together a demonstration tape of three different possible styles for the jungle level. I played these to Tim Stamper, who asked me to take the breaks out between the three pieces. That’s the jungle tune.”

Check out the music below, the first piece is the tribal jungle drum music from the start until 0:56, the second piece is the chirpy sax tune from 0:56 until 1:30 and the third piece is the more atmospheric, moody music from 1:30 until 2:47

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CVG have done a sizable feature on David Wise that's well worth checking out:


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I love the soundtrack to this game. Thanks for sharing!

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it's like the happiness is a warm gun of videogames

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