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Donkey Kong Country from start to end is one the mosst fun games to ever hit planet Earth. You can take control of either Donkey Kong or the newly introduced Diddy Kong. This game is a platforming that executes the genre perfectly. You have the average controls of jumping and moving around, but also is a forward roll. Each set of levels are so well designed with beautiful 3D graphics on top. The control is very smooth and does not fail. While the game can be very hard, this game is still very fun with cool boss battles, and cool enemies from the Donkey Kong universe. Each section of levels look and fell so nice and all have different elements put into the levels, like shooting barrels. And one more thing to boot is the engaging soundtrack keeping the atmosphere and feeling completely into the game. If you haven't played this game yet, I suggest you go and play this game right now, you will have one of the most fun and engaging video game experiences ever.

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