billmcneal's Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Like Mario, But Fun All the Same

Donkey Kong Country is a side-scrolling adventure game featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Donkey is stronger, whereas Diddy is more agile and flexible. The graphics were absolutely stunning for that era. There are bountiful similarities between this series and Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, and Super Mario World. Both have simple, straight-forward stories (in DKC Donkey and Diddy are trying to recover their hoard of bananas taken from them by King K. Rool), both have collectibles, and both have simple puzzles. During your journey, you will encounter "helper" animals like a swordfish, rhinoceros, and a frog. If you care about Mario and Luigi and can accept these primate characters, you will probably like this game. Many who grew up with this game may have a certain nostalgia for this game may come across this game again and find it holds up pretty well. Unlike Super Mario Bros. 3 you can save in this game, which is very helpful.


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