johnpaullucky7's Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) review

Donkey Kong Country the GBA version is as good as SNES version

Donkey Kong Country my favorite game that ever hit on the SNES it first came in 1994 and also came to the Game Boy Colour in 2000. In 2003 it came to Game Boy Advance and developed by the only people that can make a great Donkey Kong Game Rare Ltd.

If anyone played the Super Nintendo version will enjoy this as well this game has the same levels but it has also been improved. The add on parts to the game feature mini games such as Candy's dance place as in the SNES version she was a save point in this version it is no longer. The game now also gives you the background story of the game which the SNES version never gave you.

The story of the game is that King K Rool has taken the Kong's Banana Horde which leaves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to go through various different levels in order to get them back. Through out the game you will go into the Jungle, Underwater, Mine Carts and so on till eventually the end where you will fight King K Rool on his ship. The music and sound are good but we know not as great as the SNES version but still is very well for the Game Boy Advance.

Rare have done a great job as always and when you look at Sonic Genesis also on Game Boy Advance and how bad that was compare it to this and you will see the great deal of effort put into this. If you want a great fun game this classic is must buy for the Game boy Advance

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