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Still holds up well! 1

Please note that this review is for the Wii Shop version, with a Gamecube controller.The Donkey Kong Country games are venerable classics in platform gaming.  The gameplay is simple, the graphics still look crisp and vibrant, and the breezy fun of the genre is still a blast even today.GRAPHICS-The graphics are surprisingly bright, detailed, and vibrant, and have aged very well.  The animations are smooth.  Backgrounds seem to sway and move with the user, and they never fail to be pleasant.  This...

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DKC boasts a beautiful presentation and timeless gameplay 0

The first thing you notice when you play Donkey Kong Country is how different it looks from the other 2D games of it's time. The characters, objects, and environments all have depth to them, and the rendered lighting gives them a much more realistic look. Gorgeous environments make use of the technical prowess, with colorful jungles, intimidating factories, haunting caves, and sublime ocean levels spread throughout the adventure. The ambient soundtrack matches the graphical excellence and they b...

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Nostalgia - a longing for the past 0

Donkey Kong is one of the few games that i could say nostalgia could waver my review but after going back and playing it over again i can say that it is almost as wonderful as it always was Story- Donkey Kong has had his banana hoard stolen by  kaptain king k rool and is on an adventure with his friend Diddy Kong to fight the Kremlins and get back his bananasGame play- This is could be said to be the greatest platformer ever i would say that title went to its sequel but nonetheless this is 2d pl...

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Donkey Kong Country the GBA version is as good as SNES version 0

Donkey Kong Country my favorite game that ever hit on the SNES it first came in 1994 and also came to the Game Boy Colour in 2000. In 2003 it came to Game Boy Advance and developed by the only people that can make a great Donkey Kong Game Rare Ltd. If anyone played the Super Nintendo version will enjoy this as well this game has the same levels but it has also been improved. The add on parts to the game feature mini games such as Candy's dance place as in the SNES version she was a save point ...

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Why is this game so good? 0

Donkey Kong Country from start to end is one the mosst fun games to ever hit planet Earth. You can take control of either Donkey Kong or the newly introduced Diddy Kong. This game is a platforming that executes the genre perfectly. You have the average controls of jumping and moving around, but also is a forward roll. Each set of levels are so well designed with beautiful 3D graphics on top. The control is very smooth and does not fail. While the game can be very hard, this game is still very fu...

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Undoubtedly one of the greatest platformers of all time. 0

Donkey Kong Country was the first of a 3 game series released by Rare back in 1984, this was their chance to get back on the map after releasing some less than impressive titles under the name of Ultimate. The game is based around a rather half-assed story in which King K Rool has stolen your banana hoard for reasons unbeknown. It’s your job as the rather aggrieved marsupial to get them back with the assistance of your loveable sidekick Diddy Kong You begin your 2D side-scrolling Jungle Journey...

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A RARE classic ! 1


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Banana-slamma. 0

I never owned a Super Nintendo growing up, so I never got to play Super Mario World or A Link to the Past until much, much later in life. But even I got to try Donkey Kong Country. Is was just that huge. Everybody who was anybody had it (meaning that I wasn't anybody). Not only is this a terrific platformer, but the graphics were way ahead of their time. If you look at the sequel that just came out for the Wii, the difference in graphics isn't even that big of a leap.Despite the mega-funness of ...

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Like Mario, But Fun All the Same 0

 Donkey Kong Country is a side-scrolling adventure game featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Donkey is stronger, whereas Diddy is more agile and flexible. The graphics were absolutely stunning for that era. There are bountiful similarities between this series and Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, and Super Mario World. Both have simple, straight-forward stories (in DKC Donkey and Diddy are trying to recover their hoard of bananas taken from them by King K. Rool), both have collectibles, and both have ...

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