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Classic Donkey Kong Platformer...Minus the DK Rap

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat was easily one of the best games for Nintendo’s criminally underplayed Gamecube. The game is a basic 2D platformer in the style of the old Donkey Kong Country games, but in this game you control Donkey Kong with a pair of bongos.

Tapping on the right bongo moves him to the right, the left one to move to the left, both to jump and clap to make Donkey do a sonic boom clap to subdue enemies. After playing through a level or so, you’ll encounter a boss battle. To fight you’ll use the bongos to control your fists to beat some damn since into these fools creepin’ into Donkey’s Jungle…bitches…

The only gripe I can muster for the game is that its just too short. It’s entirely possible to play through the entire game in one sitting. But don’t let that stop you from going online and buying it cheap to play on your Wii, it’s worth the money. And buy the way, no self-respecting human-being can play this game by “tapping the bongos”, you have to beat the piss out of them. So there you have it, go to Amazon, order it, play it, thank me. That is all.

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