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Bongos in the morning.

The aim of the game is to... erm... so, there isn't an aim. Just kick your mates asses. You've got a bongo drum. There is two drums. And a sensor in the middle, to clap, off course. There are over 30 songs too choose from, they're all random and odd songs. But here is a good thing: there are classic songs, so this is an excuse to make your parents let you play. Don't get too carried away, they'll start playing along too!

You can control the title screen with the game. Right= UP
Left = Down
Start =ENTER
First go to Jam session and practice. Choose a song and you're good. Then a circle comes to the screen, scrolling side wards. Once it's on the circle do the command! If it's yellow=Left Drum, if it's Red=Right Drum, If it's purple=both, if it's a shatter blue thing= clap. Once you've settled in, you're good! There is a mode where you can win coins. You've got to complete each song, in each difficulty. From Monkey to DK Madness, you've got to complete 'em all! With the coins you can buy stuff from the shops. If it is difficulty on songs or if it's mini games. You can get them all, with the right money, off course. This is a fun, entertaining game. For everyone, and it's a strange genre. They could of added a few songs and it does get a little boring, if you know all the songs, still an entertaining game!


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