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Not an ideal ending.

Described as a survival-horror game by the author, Don't Shit Your Pants depicts a balding fat man's struggle with the surprisingly complex tasks involved in properly using the facilities.

The game was posted on most mainstream flash gaming sites in February 2009 by the author known as Rete. The in-game credits attribute the creation of the game to Kenny Lee and Teddy Lee of Decade Studios, now Cellar Door Games.


The player may collect ten in-game medals (equivalent to achievements) to mark milestones in the pursuit to achieve final medal "You Are the Shit King."

It should be noted that in an attempt to appeal towards a player's sense of decency, the developers allow for other words to be typed, though this will not replace the term "shit" in-game. As the author explained, "If you don't like typing swear words, poo, plop, dump, and so on all work as well."

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