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The full version came out on Steam Tuesday ending it's beta period. What do you guys think? I spent some time in the beta but not that much.

I noticed they added the psychosis meter since I last played it and reworked the crafting system. So far I've only gotten to day 47 but I'm starting to get better. I've started building a better farm so I'll be more prepared for winter. Trying to stay away from Youtube guides so far.

It just never seems I have enough time with how much they give you during the day to get stuff done.

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Do you need a high apm to win?

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I got to around day 52 and then I got attacked by something or someone and he got close to my fireplace.
I killed him near it and all his loot got set on fire and burned down half my camp. It was so pretty and everything.
At least Chester survived.

I'm enjoying the game just because it's like the first real survival game I've played in ages that actually, you know, has survival elements in it.

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I got to around day 52 and then I got attacked by something or someone and he got close to my fireplace.

I killed him near it and all his loot got set on fire and burned down half my camp. It was so pretty and everything.

At least Chester survived.

I'm enjoying the game just because it's like the first real survival game I've played in ages that actually, you know, has survival elements in it.

You should give Miasmata a go, not as polished but it's one of the only First Person Survival games.

I have this installed, but haven't given it a go, because you know motherfucking ZENO CLASH 2 is coming out on April 30th!

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@assinass: I've heard good things about that, I might have to check it out.
I'm just bummed out whenever something has "survival" tagged onto it and then the game turns out to be the furthest away from a survival game in the history of video games :(

Also fuck yeah, Zeno Clash 2, Father-Mother fucker!

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It is interesting. I'm really terrible at it. I don't like to feel rushed and this game has you on a clock for everything. There should be more games in the same vein as this though where you're just placed somewhere totally random and be told to survive there.

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Also fuck yeah, Zeno Clash 2, Father-Mother fucker!

That should be a new swear for the game. "Father-motherfucking".

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@zeforgotten: Was it a red dog in a pack of black dogs? Once a red dog is killed he releases flames which explains what happened to you.

I'm on day 83 so far with my toon still going. I'll post some screens tomorrow probably.

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@maskedarcstrike: Totally was, and I know what he does, just caught me off guard.
Was already kinda low on health so I freaked out a little.
I've had the game for a long time now and it's amazing the amount of stuff they have put into the game so far since early beta.

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Main base pic for my current game I've got going the longest.

@zeforgotten: I made some wooden walls for shits n giggles but think I might replace em with stone. There's really no reason for the bee hive in that spot since there's no flowers nearby. I had planned to make a tooth trap valley at the entrance but since I got a herd of beefaloo up north there's no need really.

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I've been playing it the last day or two, haven't touched it since early beta, It's gotten way more complex, It's cool, I don't think I've made it to day 20 yet. I did unlock the pyro and got chester with her, which is pretty awesome. I didn't even realize you could build walls and such until recently, what's the point of all that stuff anyway is it safe in there even if it gets dark?

There's also all this weird shadow monster stuff meandering around in the background a lot. I've got a lot to learn still.

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I just played it for the first time a few hours ago. I didn't think the game would be fun at all but it had a certain something I couldn't ignore once I started playing.

I think my patience is a bit too thin for the aimless wandering and camp-building I felt I was doing - the hardest part so far is figuring out what to do (beyond surviving) so I might have to look up some pointers. By day 8 or 9 or so I got bored and ran in one direction as far as I could and suddenly really weird shit killed me. There were tentacles, little turd monsters, pine tree monster..

It seems like the game has a lot to offer and it has a pretty good atmosphere. I'll try it again later since, like Dark Souls, I'm guessing cheating (reading what to do) will ruin the experience some.

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Unfortunately I got gimped by a pack of ice dogs in winter

@geirr: Well if you want to make it past winter you need to set up a farm base similar to what I had in the pic in the above posts. I had two resurrection altars up but I couldn't make it back to base before freezing to death. which led to this.


@zfubarz:Ya my base was pretty safe other than dog attacks, during dog attacks I'd just run to the beefaloo up north and let them take care of them. I tried setting up traps at the entrance of my base because most of the herd had gotten pretty decimated around day 120 and there wasn't very many beefaloo left. During a dog attack I tried using the traps in my base rather than using beefaloo and that's how I got killed. After day 100 the frequency of dog attacks increases quite a bit. It's a shame to I had a shadow manipulator up and a dark sword and everything.

The shadow stuff happens when your sanity is low, you can keep your sanity high by constantly inventing new items or sleeping. Eating certain foods made from a crockpot will restore some sanity but not much. I recommend making a tent as it will restore sanity without depleting your hunger gauge(the in game tooltip is wrong on it's description, it doesn't drain hunger). It also has multiple uses before it disappears.

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I've owned this since December and pretty much haven't played it since then, waiting for the game to be fully complete. It is so damn different now. So much has been included that it's like playing a Don't Starve sequel.

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How to build a bomb

Once you get a strong base going and know what most of the items do, it's pretty hard to die in this game. You'll have plenty of food and resources, numerous resurrection options, and the best weapons to work with. The only problem is that there's really not much to do after you've settled down. So now I'm just trying to find over the top ways to kill hound mobs since they become more frequent in the late game. I plan to fill the bomb-looking structure above with lots of gunpowder and hopefully lure all the dogs in without dying.

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@chim21: The problem I had is I never had any meat effigies cause I could never find a damn mandrake. When I died during winter last game the altars were too far away from my base and I froze during a snowstorm twice.

I tried to do something similar as yours with tooth traps but freaking chestor triggers em >>

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@maskedarcstrike: Meat Effigies require 4 boards, 4 cooked meats, and 4 beard hairs. No mandrakes are required. And beard hairs are easy to obtain especially if you're playing with Wilson.

As for Chester, I usually just leave him at my main base (by dropping the eye bone) unless I'm traveling far to harvest a large number of resources. I also made a structure full of tooth traps a short distance from my base to ensure that nothing important gets destroyed when fighting the red hounds:

Loading Video...

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@chim21: haha that video was pretty awesome, I especially loved the end where after most of the dogs were dead strongman says "I will punch you!!"

also the garden gnome by the sign is a nice touch

edit: why do you carry so much rot?

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@maskedarcstrike: oh, there was a bug with the drying racks before the latest patch. Any meat used on a Drying Rack teleported to a random spot on the map. I didn't figure it out until later in the game, so there was just a huge pile of rot sitting on that one spot on the map.

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