Reign of Giants

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Reign of Giants has officially been released. It adds new biomes, new objects, new inventions, new characters and new mechanics.

I really like some of the changes. For instance, there is an effect now with rain. When it rains you will slowly get wet. If your wetness reaches a certain level you will freeze easily even if it's not winter. You can also get all your items wet that you're carrying. I found it makes a Spear for instance, a Slippery Spear. Which turns out in combat your character has a change to drop it, which you obviously don't want to happen. You can counter rain with an umbrella, rain coat or rain hat it seems.

There are also Giants, but I'm not sure what they do yet. They don't always seem hostile. There are new creatures and a bunch of new things to invent. I am really enjoying it so far. I'm actually doing a Let's Play of it right now. Diving in blind, I had no idea what rain would do. It's fun to see the consequences.

How are you liking the changes so far?

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@zevvion: When you purchase and install Reign of Giants does it lock you into playing with the DLC? Or can you chose to play either RoG or Vanilla?

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Worth mentioning since it's come up that this is on sale on steam for like $2.50

Or bundled with the game for $6.45

I just grabbed the DLC, haven't tried it out yet. To be honest I still feel like i've got a fair bit to uncover in the vanilla. Great game though if not a bit of a time investment for a rogue like. It's good to fire up once in a while, I find it a bit too stressful to play in anything but short bursts - though leaving a saved game can make it difficult to come back to later and know what the hell is going on.

I'm not very sold on this idea of having to deal with the rain, it kind of just sounds like more work. But i guess people who have mastered this game need some more challenge probably.

I saw they are working on implementing co op which seems pretty rad.

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@rowr: Yeah, the sale is why I brought it up :) and like you, the amount of stuff in vanilla is why I still haven't bought it.

Both my wife and I have a copy of the game and we're anxiously awaiting the co-op, but I'm unsure if or how the DLC will effect our ability to not starve together.

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@zevvion: When you purchase and install Reign of Giants does it lock you into playing with the DLC? Or can you chose to play either RoG or Vanilla?

You can select to enable or disable Reign of Giants.

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Will this be available on the PS4 version?

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@iron1c: I know the base game is, but what about the Giants expansion?

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@bongchilla: Yeah, I meant that. It's been out for weeks, if not months.

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