#1 Posted by Ariketh (653 posts) -

God damn Treemen!

Is this a new enemy? Or is it because I stopped digging up the stumps?

#2 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

What the fuck am I looking at?

#3 Posted by CoverlessTech (763 posts) -

I had one kill me in my camp that I surrounded by trees in the last update. I planted a ring of trees right on the outskirts of my fire, a tree man just placed himself there, cheeky.

Seems like they just hang out in places with a lot of trees.

#4 Posted by Icemo (679 posts) -

It took me a while to see what you were talking about, but now that I see it... that's terrifying.

#5 Posted by JohnstonThistle (43 posts) -

Yep, they're nasty little bitches. Might be obvious but use a freakin axe.

#6 Posted by InsidiousBliss (44 posts) -

I tried to burn one to death by having it chase me over a fire a few times. I failed. It did set fire to just about everything else around it.

#7 Posted by awesomeusername (4544 posts) -

What? I don't see anything?!?!

#8 Posted by RazielCuts (3091 posts) -


#9 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -

@awesomeusername said:

What? I don't see anything?!?!

On the second image, by the fireplace. The tree with two "legs". After you notice that one you'll probably be able to spot the others.

That sounds pretty terrifying.

#10 Posted by awesomeusername (4544 posts) -

@Snail: I saw the two stumps together but it just looks like a retarded tree. That is scary now.

#11 Posted by deskp (505 posts) -

They will go away if you plant enough pinecones.

#12 Posted by fox01313 (5178 posts) -

For those who don't see it, go watch the trailer/screenshots on steam. There's a lot of hellish things in this game that never got seen in the quick look & makes this a gem to dive into.

#13 Posted by Ariketh (653 posts) -

@Cheesebob see it?

@InsidiousBliss Yep, I tried that too. Everything caught on fire. Didn't work out well.

It ended up sucking for me really badly because there were TWO of these things around my base. Eventually, I died. I couldn't even kill a single one.

#14 Posted by Mercer (210 posts) -

my first encounter was when i was ranging out reeeaaally far from by base and happened up on a Pig Village with the fatass Pig King, i gave him a few meats for gold and started chopping some trees for night.

Then one of these guys popped out and started to attack me, but all the pigs came running to help and distracted the Treegaurd. Things didn't go well, all the piggies died and dropped lots of meat...

..which i then fed to the pig king to get more GOLD lol cannibalism

#15 Posted by BisonHero (8640 posts) -

@Icemo said:

It took me a while to see what you were talking about, but now that I see it... that's terrifying.

He's like the Slender Man of trees!

#16 Posted by Mercer (210 posts) -

@Ariketh: i think the chance for a Treeguard to spawn is related to how many tress you've chopped to how many pinecones you've planted. so more planted cones less chance he'll pop out...i think lol

#17 Posted by John1912 (2186 posts) -

@Ariketh: The treeguards spawn from you cutting trees. They are also more likely to spawn at night. Which was oh so fun having that thing chase me around my camp fire ><. Apparently planting pine cones may cause them to lose aggro and replant themselves.

#18 Posted by Toxeia (745 posts) -

I ran into this on my first play through. Was terrifying, and I couldn't set the damned thing on fire. I ended up surviving for 3 days with it just chasing me around. Made it difficult to get stuff done.

#19 Posted by BBAlpert (1882 posts) -

I guess you could say that they're a treemen-dous pain in the ass!


#20 Posted by dungbootle (2501 posts) -

That is terrifying.

#21 Posted by Spankmealotus (317 posts) -

I had this happen to me as well. The first time it killed me. The second time I actually saw one of my trees near my campfire turn into it then I had to kite it around hitting it and eating to kill it. They take a ton of hits to kill but they are also very slow.

#22 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -

What. The. Fuck. I need this game so bad...

#23 Edited by deathstriker666 (1349 posts) -

Treeguards are ridiculously easy to fight against with the logsuit equipped. They have extremely low hitting rates so they can't get many hits off especially when you keep attacking which stuns it momentarily. They're nothing like those fucking tentacles that pop out of the swamps. Holy shit, every character I play as has died fighting them. They don't get stunned and have extremely high hitting rates. They seem to be able to attack faster than their animation allows them to and every hit knocks 20% of logsuit armor.

When you reach the Pig King you can bribe his pigs with meat so they fight for you. They're pretty good in swarms, usually one takes all the beating while the rest pile on the enemy. Though when you're fighting monsters they have a tendency to eat the monster meat that gets dropped and become monsters themselves. The first time I saw that I panicked and ran all the way to my base camp in the first island.

#24 Posted by Sin4profit (3234 posts) -

i killed one and it showered me with rich log wealth.

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