Am I crazy, or did Doom 3 come with a Doom 1 (or maybe 2) mod?

#1 Posted by jimjimman (54 posts) -

I borrowed a copy of the PC version from a buddy years ago. I remember that under the MODS tab there was an option to download a graphical conversion mod of the original Doom (or maybe it was Doom 2). Haven't played it since. During the last Steam summer sale I bought the complete id pack. It being the Halloween season and all, and thanks to the BFG Edition QL, I decided I wanted to play it again. When I installed the game, I was surprised to see no option for the mod. Does anyone else remember this, or is my mind simply playing tricks on me? If it does exist, where can I find it?

#2 Posted by JP_Russell (1167 posts) -

I've never seen any such thing, and I've owned retail Doom 3 since its launch.

#3 Posted by believer258 (13033 posts) -

Just to be sure, are you certain it was the PC version? The Xbox version (or some variation of that version) had Doom 1 and 2 included, so maybe you played that one and remember it being there?

Just a thought.

#4 Posted by kagato (1100 posts) -

I remember a total conversion using the Quake engine way back when, but i dont ever remember a Doom 3 version, could be totally wrong like to be ^_^

#5 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

I don't remember that, but it's been years since I've played Doom 3. That said, I remember this making a few waves when it was first announced. Don't know how far it got:

#6 Posted by jimjimman (54 posts) -

Thanks for correcting my fuzzy memory, guys. I must have been playing that Quake conversion.

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