Hey, DOOM 3’s Back on Steam!

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#51 Posted by dyong (334 posts) -

Aw man, it's almost like there's some sort of company rivalry going on here and some company doesn't want to put its games on some other company's massive digital distribution platform or something.

#52 Posted by Wampa1 (815 posts) -

@PimblyCharles: Pretty sure Carmack was talking recently about how he's finally getting the mod tools for Rage out. Something about all of ID being busy with the BFG.

#53 Posted by KoolAid (1211 posts) -

Alright! An 8 year old game is back on steam!

#54 Posted by Paindamnation (840 posts) -

@m2cks said:

Thanks, Obama! Knew I voted for you for a reason- he brought change!

-cocks gun, fires. walks away- BFG for president.

#55 Posted by OriginalGman (306 posts) -

Can I get a bigger picture of the article's thumbnail, please?

#56 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

Just goes to show what we think of the BFG edition :P

#57 Edited by TPoppaPuff (344 posts) -

@umdesch4: How is it "slimy" that they pulled Doom 3 for a few weeks while Doom 3 BFG edition was released? Rather than deal with numerous ignorant customers not realizing they were seperate titles because they willingly refuse to listen and believe only what they want to believe and have to upset them and refund their money or undoubtedly face a ridiculous lawsuit of the Mass Effect 3 type and all the negative publicity of that, they decided to pull the game temporarily which is exactly what they did and what they were going to do all along. They decided to go with the choice that gave them slightly less negative publicity in pulling the game. Good for them.

@thebigJ_A: Then please tell, you wise sage, what IS the purpose of his complaining? Cause I honestly don't get it. He is continuing to bitch because the game was briefly pulled off Steam, correct? Cause that's what was inferred by the post I quoted. He is pissed it was pulled for a few weeks while the new version was released to avoid market confusion. All I said was that's dumb and gave a list of reasons why. Just cause I respond in an asshole and smartass manner does not make it change the validity of either side of the argument, only how quickly one is to dismiss the other cause they can not seperate the delivery of the point from the point itself. That's not a straw man argument otherwise all arguments are straw man arguments.

Please, rather than further act like a completely douchey smart ass, enlighten me as to the point of his complaint. WHAT IS HIS POINT?

#58 Posted by TPoppaPuff (344 posts) -

@wariomona said:

I hope we can make similar things happen when Microsoft/Sony decide to remove their 360/PS3 downloads

We didn't do a damn thing. This was going to happen all along. Their options were:

1) Not pull the game. Idiots buy the cheaper version and demand refunds when they figure out it's not the new version; likely face an absurd lawsuit. Receive the second most amount of negative publicity.

2) Pull the game briefly and keep their mouth shut. Idiots rage over this for no reason. No money is lost or exchanges hands. They don't lose or gain any extra sales during this time. Receive the least amount of negative publicity.

3) Pull the game briefly and tell people why. "Hey, we're pulling the original game because a lot of you on Steam are idiots* and can't be trusted to tell the two games apart and we don't to go through the nonsense we would inevitably face by leaving it online." Not surprisingly, this would receive the most amount of negative publicity.

*Not all Steam members are idiots obviously. Not all Steam users are not Mensa members either. Steam is the biggest online games retailer and no matter how much one tries to argue, by virtue of being the biggest and in many cases the only digital retail a person might even know of, by sheer size they are the lowest common denominator in terms of consumer savvy. They are so big because even idiots know about Steam and how to buy games on the platform. If they didn't know about Steam then Steam wouldn't be the biggest, most successful online gaming distribution service. It's true of any market be it Windows or McDonalds or Walmart. Being the biggest means dealing with the lowest of the low.

#59 Posted by Humanity (12004 posts) -

Hard fought battle hah honestly who cares. There might be a small group of enthusiasts that are still playing Doom 3 this day for all the awesome modding capabilities.

#60 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Any excuse to hear that plasma rifle reload again is fine by me.

#61 Posted by august (3924 posts) -


#62 Posted by JEC03 (936 posts) -

Fuck Doom 3 I want Prey back on steam with win7 compatibility same goes for Indigo prophecy.

#63 Edited by fisk0 (5443 posts) -

Funny how they added "Not compatible with Windows Vista/7/8" to the description of the original Doom 3 (I'm pretty sure it didn't say that until they released BFG edition). I've never had problems playing it in Vista or 7, so unless they patched in some incompatibility just to fuck with us, they're not entirely honest on that part.

#64 Edited by fisk0 (5443 posts) -

@JEC03 said:

Fuck Doom 3 I want Prey back on steam with win7 compatibility same goes for Indigo prophecy.

Prey is Windows 7 compatible already. If you buy a disc copy you can register the key on Steam, even though it's not a Steamworks title. Some of the digital versions can also be registered on Steam, but not all of them, so I would be cautious with that, but the DVD release tends to be sold at like $2-5 in the bargain bin in stores.

Some of the same DirectX 10/11 mods that exist for Doom 3 are also Prey and Quake 4 compatible.

Isn't GOG's version of Indigy Prophecy Windows 7 compatible by the way?

#65 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

@JTB123 said:

Any excuse to hear that plasma rifle reload again is fine by me.

I know right? I was playing the other night, housemate walks past my door just as I'm reloading the plasma rifle, pokes his head in with a "damn, what game is that?"

So maybe some of the weapon sounds are wimpy, but that one sound is very satisfying, IMHO.

#66 Edited by Suits (265 posts) -

So it was an electorial ploy

#67 Posted by siaynoq (90 posts) -

It's still not controller enabled so I won't play it on Steam. Yeah, you heard me. I don't play FPS with mouse and keyboard.

#68 Posted by Rekt_Hed (947 posts) -

GREAT! Now I can get back to not playing Doom 3

#69 Edited by MichiganJack (172 posts) -

Just a word of advice: Vanilla Doom 3 doesn't run properly on Windows 7 64bit versions without being modded.

Download the following mods to ensure you get the most out of your newly minted, Steam re-released Doom 3.






And if you're feeling the Doom bug. Some of you might want to check out: Doom 64 Ex


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#70 Posted by MichiganJack (172 posts) -

@JEC03: I hadn't even realized it wasn't on Steam. I will sign that petition.

Prey with proper compatibility.

Fallout 3 with proper compatibility.

Let's get this done.

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