Is anyone buying this tomorrow?

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Forget about the simple "I don't know". It hasn't really been a game I've been thinking about, but when I do, I do get somewhat excited over it. I want it, although I don't know if I'll be getting it tomorrow. To be honest, if I didn't like it on Facebook, I wouldn't have known it was coming out tomorrow.

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Chose C, definitely plan on picking it up at some point. Can wait to play through it again in 3D.

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I'm getting it tomorrow, though I wouldn't say "I'm so excited!". I enjoy Doom 3 well enough, though I never finished it, nor have I ever played the RoE expansion. That, along with the new episode makes it a worthwhile purchase. Plus I need a something else horror-themed to help get me in the Halloween spirit.

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I'll buy it during a steam sale for achievements. I do own all three games though so it'll have to be in the $10 range.

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Unfortunately I have and beat the original PC release and really didn't enjoy it. Then I received the Xbox collectors edition for Christmas one year and spent more time on 4 player co-op for Doom 1! Not this time, you can't get me Doom!

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I'll buy it during a Steam Sale, if only because I assume this version of the game will have proper controller support on PC, which the version I have now seems to be lacking.

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