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Doom 3 0

   Doom 3's design is rotted to the core and nowhere is this more apparent then the game's story.  The game's story is so pedestrian that you probably spotted it walking across the street last week.  I'll sum it up in a sentence: man goes to mars, and demons spew out of artifact from hell.  The rest you can probably fill in with your imagination so long as you've seen more than 3 B-horror films before.  Although the game starts up with a rather immersive Half-Life sort of intro where you walk th...

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Looks Amazing and... Looks Amazing 0

After countless delays and empty promises, Doom 3 is now sitting on a store shelf near you, or hopefully in a CD tray less than 3 feet away from you.  Doom 3 is simplistic at its core, but the way it's presented to the player is anything but simplistic.  The game aims to suck you into the creepiest environment you've ever seen, and it succeeds with flying colors in that regard.  Does the rest of the game live up to super polished exterior?  Yes and no.  Was it worth the wait?  Ehh...  Is it...

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dogsounds reviews: Doom 3. Wait...what? 0

What's that you say? Another "dogsounds reviews:"? About time? Well, yes. But this one is...well...just a little late to the party. I haven't had chance to get my hands on any new games lately, so I'm afraid this one is an oldie. A title from the original Xbox catalog: Doom 3, to be precise. It's not that I am way behind in my games tally! I just realised that I had never really played through Doom 3 when I originally got it on release, and as it is on the 360 Backwards Compatibility List and I ...

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Doom 3 - It is, what it is 4

Some background for some of you, since this game is a few years old:The year was 2001, and not a social networking site made a peep - for in this time, there were no such things as social networking websites. "But how did people get their news, and connect with friends?", you may ask. Well, we had these things called forums, and these websites called fan sites. It just so happens that on one of these fan sites, which I'm not naming names, I saw a small preview for an upcoming id game. "What coul...

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The BFG Edition makes little sense as a PC game 0

As a console game, Doom 3: BFG Edition makes perfect sense. Not only does it come complete with the seminal Doom and Doom II, expansion pack Resurrection of Eviland the newly-released Lost Mission, but it updates Doom 3 in the process, providing console gamers with a release more akin to its PC brethren than that of the downgraded Xbox port. Look at it purely as a PC release, however, and it can only be described as superfluous at the very least. A misguided venture that will do little to help r...

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Worthy of the Doom Name 0

Any FPS gamer knows that if it wasn't for the original Doom released way back in 1993, shooters wouldn't be where they are today. Doom was the game that put FPS' on the map and now, after many years, Doom is back....and better than ever. Doom 3 is one of the scariest, most fun shooters I've played in a while.First, there are the graphics, which are disturbingly perfect. Each creature is amazingly detailed and the weapons, items, environments are all almost flawless. The lighting is the best part...

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Old Review: Doom 3 1

Theres something about Doom3... over hyped, over advertised, over pressured... After so much abuse what did we expect? Lets be honest we expected acid-trip-excatsy-multipleorgasm-no-hangover type fun. If you own the game. Re-read the Review Deck. Tell everyone in your life to go get bent for a weekend, disconnect the phone and turn off the cell-i-o, because you need 8-12 hours of free time to take care of bid'ness (thats business ya squares). Also... this really does sound crazy, either turn...

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Thrilling Experience 0

Gameplay: 8/10 Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9/10 Lifeline: 8/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Doom 3, the long awaited 'sequel' to ID Software's original and 2nd game of the series was hailed as one of the most impressive, frightening and best looking games to be released to date when it was first hit the shelves in 2004 for the PC. One year on and IDS have finally managed to port the game onto Microsoft's current generation console, the Xbox. The main advantage of this was that people who were left behind becau...

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DOOM 3 is Just Awful 0

I would like to start this review by stating that I have not finished DOOM 3 (I know I got 2/3 the way through after comparing my experience with a level list of the game). I found it to be a boring and frustrating game with very little to keep me wanting to play it so I stopped wasting my time with it. If you feel you cannot trust a review written by someone who has yet to finish a game then please disregard this review. That is completely understandable, no hard feelings.Gameplay: This is prob...

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Dooooooooom! 0

Recently there has been a game released called Doom3. Maybe you have heard of it? It's a small remake of an old game that was released some 10 years ago, called Doom. If you've never heard of it, don't feel bad, it was a small game which almost no one played, by a software company which didn't really go on to accomplish anything else. All kidding aside, Doom3 is a game which has some pretty big, albeit low-rez, shoes to fill. The original game could easily be called the father of all modern Firs...

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Y'know, going to Hell doesn't sound all that bad. 0

I don't have a powerful desktop computer, I never have, which means when it comes to PC gaming I've always been years behind. Because of this, I wasn't really able to get my hands on a decent first person shooter until GoldenEye 007 came out on the Nintendo 64. Once I finally got a taste of good, solid FPS gaming I was hooked. I had been growing tired of RPGs and needed something other than fighting games to provide me with a more visceral gaming experience and first-person shooters fit the bill...

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Gets better with age... 0

Doom 3 BFG Edition for the Xbox 360, I can describe this game in one word :- IntenseThis edition features Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, and the brand new Lost Mission.I've had fond memories of the Doom series since Doom for the Snes and it took a long time to re-live them until now.Doom 3 is a kind of remake of the first Doom but with added features and greater detail, it takes place on Mars (Naturally), You play the part of a marine sent to help with security as strange things hav...

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