Doom II for XBLA, courtesy of Nerve Software

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Meh, played it when i was younger, both Doom, Doom 2. And since then there has been countless of releases of it, its become pretty tiresome. Now if was Hexen or Heretic instead i would have been more likely to pay for that.

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I may get it.  I enjoyed the leaderboard scoring system in the release of Doom 1, but I'd like them to add some sort of widescreen support, even if it just involves stretching the screen and letting you have your health bar visible at the same time.
It's been a while since I was checked, but I'm one of the best Doom 1 players in the world.

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Now I can complete my collection of Retro FPS games on XBLA: Doom, Doom 2, Wolfenstein 3D, and Duke 3D.
Nerve did a really great job with Wolfenstein 3D so I have high hopes for this.

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