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Moxxi's Underdome Offers Waves and Waves of Frustration 1

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot has all the style and personality expected from a title like Borderlands, however it lacks compelling gameplay and wears thin in the long run. If you haven't heard it before, it's worth saying again. This DLC pack is not about leveling up, finding cool guns, or building weapon proficiencies. The Underdome is specifically all about killing enemies in a variety of ways and seeing how much you can survive before calling it quits. The name of the game is wave combat. Enemi...

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A Night With Mad Moxxi 0

 This Review was originally posted at:  I spent Saturday night in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, the most recent pack of DLC for Borderlands. I think after playing through about 55 rounds of punishment I can agree with a lot of the reviews circulating out there.For those of you who don't know, Madd Moxxi's Underdome Riot is Borderland's attempt at a "horde mode" or "firefight" mode. However, they take out any XP progression (thou...

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Grrrrrrr...... 2

If I ever meet the Gearbox Employee who designed Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, I am going to break their knee.  This really should have Unlocked something useful, like a refund. I might have to use my Certificate of +1 Baddassness, but it will be worth it to inflict an equal level of pain back at them.  I really just have a hard time conceptualizing why they felt the need to take a game whose core value is "Always be Leveling", and the constant anticipation of finding a new version of one of the...

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Feels Like A Homework Assignment 0

I love Borderlands.  There is no better feeling then killing a midget with a shotgun.  When a game like Borderlands comes along I feel the need to unlock every achievement in the game.  Sadly however The Underdome has achievements, and that is about the only reward you will get for playing it.  I find myself looking for ways to somehow possibly shorten the time it takes to play this DLC by playing with a friend who is at a lower level.  While playing with friends in this DLC and talking about ho...

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Great Game With A Few Bad Apples 0

Ok for those of you that do not know the story is this is a nut shell. You are Sean Devlin a Irish runaway, turned racecar driver. During a race in the country of Germany you loose because a dirty cheating German named Dierker ruins your chances and takes the win. Get mad, storm Dierker's facility, best friend dies, you escape, moved to Paris and boom that's where the game starts.   Well before I start the review I must say that I have been waiting for this game for 8 years. Game Informer covere...

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A Hell of a Good Time 0

"Boss Fight". Get it? id Software's Doom came out in 1993, and it took the world by storm, more or less inventing the first person  shooter genre, and setting off a wave of baseless controversy over its violent content. It literally went on to become one of the most famous and influential video games of all time. The inevitable sequel, entitled Doom II: Hell on Earth, came out just a year later, adding on to the original with 32 new levels, as well as a variety of new monsters and a s...

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Doom II: Hell on Earth 0

While this will probably come across as sacrilegious to most old school first person shooter fans, I’ve never held the 1994 sequel to Doom in high regard. Released by id software just ten months after its predecessor, the lack of significant game play or technical improvements, and a serious demise in level design quality stand out to make Doom II feel like a poor extension of the original game.Released only a few years before calling such a product a sequel instead of an expansion pack would ha...

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Role-Playing Horde Mode 0

 Aside from an in-game bank to house all of the guns you've likely been accumulating while playing Borderlands, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot is essentially an attempt at capitalizing on the market popularized by Gears of War 2's Horde and Halo 3: ODST's Firefight modes -- sending wave after wave of increasingly vicious fodder towards players -- and adapting it to Borderlands' architecture.  However, asking consumers to pay $10 for a mode that's already included in other big-budget shooters on top ...

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More killer, less filler. 2

The latest DLC for Borderlands, The Underdome Riot of Mad Moxxi, does not include any new quests. What it DOES include, is a whole shitton of bad guys for you to kill. As someone who has spent 75 hours on my berserker alone, this was both dissapointing and a breath of fresh air. It's almost sublime to just enter one of the arenas included in the underdome, unholster your gun, and kill until you can't kill anymore. I can think of no better way to relieve quest fatigue than this killfest.  Mad Mox...

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 First off I just want to say that I really love playing Borderlands.  Everything except Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.  They really created a huge waste of money for fans of this game.  The loot drops are not worth the effort and you receive zero experience.    Oh, but you get a bank.  So you are literally buying a $10 bank for a game that if you already played through twice and have a level 50 character, what good is the bank at that point anyway?  You've already sunk countless hours into the gam...

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Madd Moxxi's Underdome Riot feels like work instead of fun 0

Hot on the heels of the first downloadable addition to Borderlands comes Gearbox’ second offering, and is hardly as good as the first. In “Madd Moxxi’s Underdome Riot” you are invited to go to The Underdome and partake in a series of wave deathmatch against enemies and bosses from the main game. It also adds a bank to store items in, and lastly there is a quest which grants a skillpoint as a reward (or two if you do the quest in both playthroughs).  Starting out the ...

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Max Moxxi is fun when you are smart 0

As probably many people I first approached the latest Borderlands' DLC with a level 50 character and... I didn't last even for 3 waves in the first round. Few shots hit me, I have no shield any more and soon enough I am dead. That was pretty frustrating. Then I looked at the cool guns and the even cooler healing shield I was using and of course they were not at level 50 as my character was. Most of my equipment was around level 40.   I think that is one of the most overlooked Borderlands concept...

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It All Depends, Really 0

For the part of me that loves the progression, loot, quest, and story of the game. There is another side of me that just wanted to straight up kill stuff. This is especially coming from someone who barreled through the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned uncountable times, and spacifically finished Brrrraaaaiiiinnnnsss! twice to completion, due to a glitch which also bugged out my character file. This is important to note if only to illustrate how much of Moxxi's Underdome was wanted.  Things I liked: The ...

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DIsappointing 0

This is from my review of the whole game...Now one of the most disappointing pieces of downloadable content is Mad Moxxi’s Underdome. It is basically a string of arena style combat tournaments which throws wave after wave of enemy units at you that are brutal to tackle by yourself as such I suggest play as a team. This basically continues the trope of horde mode from Gears of War that has been circulating in the FPS genre. I have not been able to get through the tournaments because of the indivi...

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More flawed than you remember. 0

Doom 2 isn't a bad game by any means. The fact that it's still fun to play more than 10 years after it was first released is testament to that. What you probably don't remember is that Doom 2 also had a lot of painfully bad levels.Hell is invading Earth, and it's up to Doomguy to save the day. Using the original stable of weapons, along with a new toy, the super shotgun, you'll do exactly what you'd expect from a sequel to Doom. You shoot a lot of demons, collect keys, and shoot some more demons...

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Hell on Earth... and I couldn't be happier 0

As a lifelong Doom fan, I was extremely skeptical when I heard that the granddaddy of all first person shooters would be making its way to Xbox Live a few years ago. In the day of modern, twin stick controlled shooters, how on earth could Doom possibly hold a candle? Well, it ends up that good monsters, sweet weapons, and frequent white-knuckle situations still cut it. Doom managed to transfer very well to the Xbox Live Arcade. And now, several years after the original's re-release, the sequel e...

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My Favorite DLC 0

I play as a level 30 hunter and I don't mind the guns or experience absence. I play with my brother who plays a level 23 bezerker and we found the first missions easy. The seconds were hard and we enjoyed them because to us the original borderlands was a little too easy and there was not enough space to hold all of the items. The bank definately helps a lot because its upgradeable and frees up some inventory space. I can see why Gear Box doesn't give experience because you would complete the DLC...

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Double your DOOM. 0

 It's been a while, but id, Bethesda and Nerve have finally brought the second chapter of the DOOM saga to the Xbox Live Arcade. While the game itself isn't as memorable as the original, fans of classic FPS action will still find that there are plenty of thrills to be had within DOOM II's dark corridors and hellish domains.   Players once again take control of a lone marine as you rip and tear through 32 more levels of demonic infestation, as well as a brand new chapter created specifically for ...

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17 Years Later, Doom 2 Continues to Entertain 0

Doom 2 still kicks ass in the modern era. It's distinct style, balls-out arcade gameplay, and excellent music all create an atmosphere that has never been matched, even by Doom 3 and other Id creations of the present.Doom, like Rise of the Triad, Duke 3d, and a lot of the other shooters of the mid-90s, still look really cool. In my opinion these graphics have withstood the test of time quite well, just like other exceptional sprite-based graphics present in games like Symphony of the Night and S...

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