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A Hell of a Good Time 0

"Boss Fight". Get it? id Software's Doom came out in 1993, and it took the world by storm, more or less inventing the first person  shooter genre, and setting off a wave of baseless controversy over its violent content. It literally went on to become one of the most famous and influential video games of all time. The inevitable sequel, entitled Doom II: Hell on Earth, came out just a year later, adding on to the original with 32 new levels, as well as a variety of new monsters and a s...

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Doom II: Hell on Earth 0

While this will probably come across as sacrilegious to most old school first person shooter fans, I’ve never held the 1994 sequel to Doom in high regard. Released by id software just ten months after its predecessor, the lack of significant game play or technical improvements, and a serious demise in level design quality stand out to make Doom II feel like a poor extension of the original game.Released only a few years before calling such a product a sequel instead of an expansion pack would ha...

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Contents 0

Master Levels for Doom II featured 20 new levels (21 including a secret level in teeth.wad). Also included on the retail disc were an additional 1830 levels collected from the internet, designed by fans.  The 20 Master Levels John AndersonGeryon: 6th Canto of InfernoMinos' Judgement: 4th Canto of InfernoNessus: 5th Canto of InfernoVesperas: 7th Canto of InfernoVirgil's Lead: 3rd Canto of InfernoJim FlynnTitan ManorTrapped on TitanChristen KlieThe CatwalkThe CombineThe FistulaThe GarrisonSubspace...

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More flawed than you remember. 0

Doom 2 isn't a bad game by any means. The fact that it's still fun to play more than 10 years after it was first released is testament to that. What you probably don't remember is that Doom 2 also had a lot of painfully bad levels.Hell is invading Earth, and it's up to Doomguy to save the day. Using the original stable of weapons, along with a new toy, the super shotgun, you'll do exactly what you'd expect from a sequel to Doom. You shoot a lot of demons, collect keys, and shoot some more demons...

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Hell on Earth... and I couldn't be happier 0

As a lifelong Doom fan, I was extremely skeptical when I heard that the granddaddy of all first person shooters would be making its way to Xbox Live a few years ago. In the day of modern, twin stick controlled shooters, how on earth could Doom possibly hold a candle? Well, it ends up that good monsters, sweet weapons, and frequent white-knuckle situations still cut it. Doom managed to transfer very well to the Xbox Live Arcade. And now, several years after the original's re-release, the sequel e...

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fdf 0

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bnmv 0

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fbv 0

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Double your DOOM. 0

 It's been a while, but id, Bethesda and Nerve have finally brought the second chapter of the DOOM saga to the Xbox Live Arcade. While the game itself isn't as memorable as the original, fans of classic FPS action will still find that there are plenty of thrills to be had within DOOM II's dark corridors and hellish domains.   Players once again take control of a lone marine as you rip and tear through 32 more levels of demonic infestation, as well as a brand new chapter created specifically for ...

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17 Years Later, Doom 2 Continues to Entertain 0

Doom 2 still kicks ass in the modern era. It's distinct style, balls-out arcade gameplay, and excellent music all create an atmosphere that has never been matched, even by Doom 3 and other Id creations of the present.Doom, like Rise of the Triad, Duke 3d, and a lot of the other shooters of the mid-90s, still look really cool. In my opinion these graphics have withstood the test of time quite well, just like other exceptional sprite-based graphics present in games like Symphony of the Night and S...

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