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When we hear news of Doom 4 in the future, I hope they take the route Visceral Games did with Dead Space 2, and make the "Marine" talk, only to give us a more in depth story than what we've ever seen before in a doom game. Some may not think the way I thought when I first played Doom 3, but I loved the atmosphere Id created (largely at the beginning). Three things I feel need to be in Doom 4 to make sure I don't lose interest when it comes time to play it, is a great sci-fi/horror atmosphere, a more story driven experience, and while not needed, I would love it if the Doom marine had a personality. So basically... Doom needs more Dead Space, but in its own Doom-y way. So anyone have this game on their mind as well? I only thought about it because I just installed it again on Steam, and since it's done, I've got to go play it. Bye. 
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Oh, whoops. I just read that Doom 4's not a sequel to Doom 3 story wise, and it's supposed to be more like the older Dooms and not so much horror themed like three was. Huh.  

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What Doom 4 needs is to not use super obvious triggers that spawn the same imp over and over again. 30 min into Doom 3 i was just blindly firing into corners and killing everything =( 

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