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Why can't I see anything????

To call Doom on the PSX the darkest fucking game of all time is an understatement of the severest form. Not only is darkness of this magnitude a rarity in video gaming, but it has never been eclipsed before or since ever….forever. There are entire areas throughout the game featuring dizzying, nauseating, disturbing, fucking satanic labyrinths. To put it simply, THIS IS HELL. No, wait..THIS IS THE LAKE OF FIRE LEADING TO HELL. WE’RE ALL FUCKED.

But seriously, featuring a brand new soundtrack, updated sound-effects, and with a package that includes both Ultimate Doom, as well as Doom II, this is a pretty wonderful port of a great game. The levels feature small variations from the original PC counterpart, including lighting (which we touched upon in the opening paragraph), some small changes with health items, but most of the altercations lie in the graphics.

This version of Doom is surely the scariest I’ve seen yet. The brand new lighting and coloring of the levels are bizarre, but very interesting and give the entire game a darker, eerier atmosphere. The sense of dread has never higher in a Doom game. But besides these small changes, it’s still the same two Doom releases that everyone already knows and still loves.

I would say that Doom on the PSX is definitely worth grabbing. People looking to play the original Doom games again will love the slightly different feel that is presented with each classic level and people still looking to get more into the original Doom will surely experience one of the creepier ports of the game available.

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