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Doomsday Warrior is a one-on-one fighting game with single-player and two-player modes. In the single-player, the player's character must fight the other six members of the Doom Squad - a group of powerful, brainwashed warriors unwillingly serving an evil god. The player character has come to his senses and defected to the side of good and wishes to save the world from his erstwhile teammates and their leader. The game is presented in such a way that the player can select any of the six warriors to fight in any order before moving onto the bosses after defeating all six.

The game was part of a wave of fighter games to be released in the wake of Street Fighter II. It is known as Taiketsu!! Brass Numbers ("Confrontation!! Brass Numbers") in Japan.


  • Sledge "The Hero of Earth" - The canonical hero, Sledge is a blond human warrior in a red and white outfit that resembles a Super Saiyan Goku of Dragon Ball Z. He's an all-rounder, with average speed and strength, though he's effective at a range. While he appears to fight like Ryu, his moves require holding the opposite direction for a few seconds like Guile or Zangief. (In fact, every fighter's specials work this way.)
  • Layban "Military Deserter" - Another human warrior, but with dark hair and a purple outfit. Layban fights much like Sledge, but with an emphasis on kicks instead of punches. He could be considered the Ken of Doomsday Warrior.
  • Amon "Heavy Metal King" - Amon is a hulking armored warrior in KISS make-up. His wrestling moves emphasize his immense strength, but he is fairly slow as a downside. He's the Zangief of the game.
  • Daisy "Dancing Plant" - Daisy is a very quick fighter who is best attacking with her legs. In that sense, and the fact that she's the only woman, she is the game's Chun Li.
  • P. Lump "Fat Bomber" - Another heavy-set character, P. Lump wears traditional Chinese garb and fights with Kung Fu and unorthodox moves like a head butt. He is the game's E. Honda.
  • Grimrock "Dizzen Lizard" - Grimrock is a quick lizardman fighter who attacks with his claws and tail, making him dangerous and unpredictable. He is essentially the game's Blanka. He has no relation to the game of the same name.
  • Nuform "Living Liquid" - Another unpredictable character, Nuform is a shapeshifter creature with attacks that range from fireballs to sliding kicks. It is the game's Dhalsim equivalent. It resembles Virtua Fighter's Dural or the Supervisor of Rise of the Robots (as well as the T-1000 of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, on whom the previous two characters are also based on).

As well as the playable characters above, the game also features three special boss characters. These characters are unplayable without cheat codes:

  • Shadow "Left Hand of Evil" - Shadow fights exactly like whoever their opponent is. In this sense, it is the "mirror match" that is often a staple of early fighter games.
  • Ashura "Right Hand of Evil" - Ashura is a powerful fighter with six arms that will very quickly defeat any fighter that comes close to him. Like many fighter game bosses, the player's best bet is to use hit and run tactics.
  • Main "Magical Lord" - The final boss of the game, Main has a plethora of ranged attacks to use against the player, so keeping away with the occasional quick assault isn't quite as effective a plan.

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