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Dorcas is a fighter who appears in Fire Emblem alongside Bartre, another fighter. He is a talented axe wielder and a very useful unit in the game.

Dorcas fights for a noble cause and is much more gentle than his appears allows him to transpire.


Dorcas originally fought with a group of bandits. He is, in fact, a mercenary for hire, and originally never cared about whatever faction he would have to work for.

He joined Lyndis when he discovered that she was protecting his wife, Natalie from the very own group of bandits he was working for.

Dorcas' goal is to gain enough money as a fighter to afford the treatments his injured wife needs to live. In the end, after proving his valor on the battlefield against the forces of Nergal, he was prized by Eliwood with an amount of gold that was sufficient to maintain himself and his wife for many, many years to come.

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