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Milon and friends

DoReMi Fantasy is a platform game for the Super Nintendo, and sequel to the NES adventure Milon's Secret Castle. The game was released only in Japan on the Super Nintendo, but was made available as an import title for Europe and North America on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008. The game features a variety of colorful worlds, characters, and more.


Milon is on a quest to save the fairy Alis from the dreaded Amon. To save her, he must gather the five legendary instruments. Unfortunately, these instruments have been cursed by Amon, sealing their true power, and Milon must uncurse them in order to save her.


Shootin' Bubbles

DoReMi Fantasy is a side-scrolling platform game, mechanically similar to the Mario games. The player controls Milon through a variety of colorful levels, attempting to reach the goal at the end. Milon will need to make great leaps over vast pits, ride in boats, break through cakes, and more to progress to the end of each level. Throughout each themed world are a number of enemies that look to thwart Milon's efforts, and he has some tools to deal with them. He can pounce on their heads, smashing them in and restricting their movement for a brief period of time, or shoot them with his bubbles, freezing them until Milon kicks the bubbles out of the screen. The bubble shooter can be upgraded for long range bubble blasting, and to shoot up to three bubbles on screen at a time. Milon can also find other power-ups in levels, such as an invincibility power-up, and a bowling ball which can be rolled, knocking down enemies as if they were pins. Milon can also collect fluffy shoes to soften his fall, and spike shoes to help him walk on ice. Another bonus item, the balloon gum, will save Milon if he falls.Scattered throughout each stage are lots of musical notes, which Milon can gather, increasing his score. Some of these are very hard to reach.

That's one stain that isn't coming out.

Milon's stamina is based on the outfit he is currently wearing. A red outfit means that Milon can only take one hit from an enemy or harmful obstacle, a blue outfit is two hits, and a green outfit allows Milon to take three hits. When Milon is hit, his outfit will change color to the next lowest color, or, if he is wearing red, he'll be knocked out, and the player will restart the stage. Milon upgrades his outfit by collecting little overall power-ups hidden on the stage. The objective of the game is to gather five magical instruments, and one is placed in each world. Once Milon has obtained an instrument, he must uncurse the musical device by gathering stars, one hidden in each level. Star gathering becomes a secondary objective on top of simply reaching the goal of each stage, and Milon must gather all five stars in a world to progress. Most of these are carefully hidden, and retrieving them is a puzzle. If Milon successfully gathers the stars, someone will be waiting near the end of the world to help him uncurse the instrument. The preceding levels will be a haunted level, followed by the final boss of the world.

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