New DLC, anyone going to get it?

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So one of the other sites I visit is reporting new DLC for this game, though I can't find anything else about it. The DLC is set to include 2 new areas (London & Las Vegas) with 10 stages each, as well as an easier version of Japan by selection. It's listed as 1/2/13 release for 160 MSP. Is anyone going to get it or has the 2 year time laps killed interest?

DLC for this game would be awesome, me and my roommates still play this game yelling at the characters when 'they' screw up the run. I'll pay the $2 for new levels, I mean we are basically getting a bigger game then the original. The only real difference is it only adds 3 achievements if the story is true.

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How is this possibly true?

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that's fuckin great

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sounds cool if true.. that game is a ridiculous amount of fun for the ridiculous price of: "stare at this doritos ads" "GLADLY! Sir"

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The easiest way to peel a banana is from the stem (top) to bottom.

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wish it was free like the original game, but no i won't be getting this

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While I genuinely did enjoy the game, I doubt it unless it adds more achievements to it.

I mean...that's the reason we played Crash Course and Harm's Way and Destruction Dash, right? Achievements?

Goddammit, you're right: Destruction Dash and Crash Course were ridiculously fun when they shouldn't have been.

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I totally bought it. And it does have new achivements. Also very much worth noting that there is an in-game billboard that says Crash Course 2 is coming soon.

I know it's an advergame, but i've enjoyed it more than a lot of XBLA titles i've paid for. So for me the DLC was an easy decision.

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