Anyone doing a Dota 2 fantasy league?

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Looking to join one. Mostly in it for the compendium points.

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I was looking in theses forums too, since it is limited to 10 and I don't really have a lot friends playing. I'm just in for the points too, I also need to do the 10 random heroes. Let me know if you make one, Id join. If not Ill just make one myself, I don't think the other people are required.

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Yeah I'd be up for a league as I doubt I've got enough committed people on my friends list! I'd be happy to prop it up from the bottom, as I have no idea really how it's going to work.

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Could I as a completely new player to Dota 2 get in on this? Sounds like a lot of fun!

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@tariqari: Yea but you need to buy a fantasy ticket.

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I too am in it for the points (damn you, Compendium, turning me into a points mercenary), but also think it could be kind of fun. Some cool duder should put one together and some other cool duders should join it!

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There was one being composed yesterday but it filled up I think.

@alyssia That's part of the Compendium right? I'll be able to buy it on Wednesday. You may fill up your league by then but if not, I'll join you.

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Im looking for a Dota 2 league as well if anyone has one. Relative noob but want to investigate the compendium

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I have no idea how this is supposed to work, but as someone who spectates a lot of games I'm pretty keen to try it out. If anyone has open spots or however this works, let me know.

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I've started a league so anyone who wants to join can!

League ID: 125678

Pass: bombcast9

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Just joined. Looking forward to finding out what this is all about. :D

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@rowr: @davvyk: @tariqari: @omniscientcajun: @bd: @alyssia:

I thought I'd tag you in to let you know I started a league up, just in case you haven't found one yet! I'll set a draft date when it starts to fill up a bit. There's 2 out of 10 so far so plenty of spots.

League ID: 125678

Pass: bombcast9

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Some things to think about as you go into Fantasy Dota (assuming you are attempting to win, and not just doing it for laughs).

Some tips for all you duders as I am already in a league with my friends:

  • Players get points for ALL games played during the season. That means matches outside of the International count. There are numerous big LAN events coming up (ESL One, Dreamhack, The Summit - off the top of my head and I have no idea what events are going on in China and the SEA region), and there are lots of players going to these. I would argue players on those teams are more valuable than ones not attending.
  • You can add/drop players later as in regular fantasy football (pick up players playing today, drop them when they are done tomorrow).
  • Rat dota (a term referring to winning by attrition essentially) is great for fantasy Dota. Longer games = more points. So if every player on your team only plays 60+ minute games this can be very boring to watch, but great for your fantasy points.
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Thanks, man! I'm joined up and ready to figure this shite out with you duders.

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Me too!

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Looks like the league is full! I'm going to set a draft deadline for Tuesday 27th at midday BST. Don't know why I chose then but it's as good a time as any and it gives people the long weekend to pick your squad. If anyone really needs more time I can change it a bit if you can give me enough notice, just reply to me in this thread.

I'll use the default scoring system because it lets you change it if you wanted to but I don't really want to mess it all up because I have no clue. Here's a decent guide to stuff!

Good luck!

EDIT: turns out you can't set the time, just the date. It says 8.45 pm for me and I'm guessing that's BST so that would be 12.45pm west coast and 3.45pm east...I think!?

EDIT 2: So I think you have to draft live at the same time. Maybe you can't choose the same players as the other teams? In this case it's probably best to set it for a weekend day right? I've changed it to Sunday 25th at 8.45.

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Okay I made another if more people need it.

Fantasy League ID: 168015

Fantasy League Password: bombcast9

It's using standard scoring. Are there requests for when we should draft?

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Hi guyz

League ID : 260813

Pass : bomberman

Feel free to join


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Hi, i want to join in a league.I am not a noob player over 1400 wins,mmr +3000

My steam acount sasuke8362(as Uzumaki in dota 2)

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Just created another league:



Feel free to join!

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hey guys i made a fantasy league id you want to join go a head



#23 Posted by Zenthere (59 posts) -

I made a fantasy league for any late joiners. All welcome

ID: 272585


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@zenthere: Joined up! Any idea when the draft stuff will be happening?

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New Fantasy league!
ID: 275310

PASS: onlyproz

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