Anyone wanna trade me for a DOTA 2 Beta key?

#1 Posted by pochunki (63 posts) -

I'd really appreciate it, I have:

  • Super Meat Boy, Audiosurf, & Cogs
  • -33% on one Valve title (x2), -50% on Orcs Must Die! (x1)
  • LOTS of TF2 crap. Check it out!
  • The BIT.TRIP flag in Portal 2, and some misc. junk in Spiral Knights.

Thanks if you'd be willing to trade me! I have put over 500 hours into LoL by now and am DYING to get in on this DOTA 2 ACTION!!

#2 Posted by Darkbulborb (14 posts) -

I'm really looking for a beta key too,

I guess I can offer to let you participate in the random bfh crap series on youtube.

So if you're battlefield heroes fan, and random bfh crap fan, and you have a spare key.

Please let me know.

#3 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1365 posts) -

I will give you a key for audiosurf

#4 Posted by SamFo (1641 posts) -

I have a bunch of invites im willing to trade away.

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