Communicating on Dota 2

#1 Posted by Lord_Xp (606 posts) -

So I was wondering how everyone communicates on Dota. I'm new to the game so I have no idea how people do voice chat. I just downloaded Razer's comm's software. Once my headset arrives I'll give it a shot. So far I like the interface of it and it's simplicity to use.

I was wondering what you guys use for voice chatting though.

#2 Posted by SuperSolidSnake2019 (73 posts) -

If I had the game I would let my skill do the talking. I don't have the game. I hope this helps.

#3 Posted by ajamafalous (12153 posts) -

In-game voice chat.

#4 Posted by TobbRobb (4841 posts) -

That depends on who I am playing with, Mostly Skype, but sometimes Mumble or the integrated steam one. I hate ingame voice but its an alright final solution.

#5 Posted by Slag (4864 posts) -

I generally use Skype, bu I have regular guys I play with.

#6 Posted by Sackmanjones (4761 posts) -

Depends. If Im alone I may type unless people prove they aren't jerks, then Ill talk. If Im with 3 or more people I will just use in game so the other two people can hear me and if its just one person I may do steam chat or a split between that and in game for the reason I said above. Communication goes a loooooong way so always try to do it in some form.

#7 Posted by danmcn12 (86 posts) -

Silence with pings mostly. Maybe a few typed shorthand messages. Unless i'm in a group then it's usually mumble or steam chat. I find voice chat annoying, usually have music on, and generally it provides nothing in a public game filled with randoms. You're new so it won't but apply but eventually you should be able to tell what people are going to do by their movements/position/hero/abilities they've cast.

Most games with 5 random players are filled with silence.

#8 Posted by Lord_Xp (606 posts) -

@danmcn12: I figured it would always be silence with randoms playing. I want friends to play so I can talk. I suck at typing while playing

#9 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1331 posts) -

Alot of people use ingame voice chat.

#10 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2019 posts) -

RaidCall with my friends. I don't play much solo MM, and when I do I use text chat, I guess.

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