Community Match Sat: Batriders vs Thunderfury (subs needed)

#1 Posted by takeunder (4 posts) -

On Saturday 12PM EST (5PM GMT). Good Luck Have Batrider vs. Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

This match will be USA vs. UK. It'll be more exciting than the Thrilla in Manilla. It will have more passion and international intrigue than the Goodwill Games. More sporting than the Olympics very own rhythmic gymnastics. It's like the sequel to the Revolutionary War but a video game.

Ponder the mystery of the team bans. Question the use of Batrider. Wonder at the wisdom of a support Zeus. You're children will ask you where were you when Batriders and Thunderfury met on the pixel playground of pandemonium.

As always, @rb_man will be casting this match at (

Subs will be needed.

(And yes, I screwed up on last week's posting when I announced Batriders vs. Thunderfury when it was China Don't Carry vs. Thunderfury).


#2 Posted by DoC (16 posts) -

This sounds like it could be a life changing experience. Considering I once considered myself "experienced" in the world of dota this tournament has been a real eye opener. From the mind shattering nightstalker bans to the awe-inducing undying play this entire event has been amazing. RB giving us the detailed play by plays each week with a different co caster allows the newbies to get an idea of the high level play going on (they even had a moderator!!?!!!) And the players, oh the players, to see such a high amount of skill in such a small amount of time has both inspired me to become better at dota while scaring me away from even trying (though the former typically beats the latter). Needless to say I am going to be so excited to watch tomorrow's match. Good luck to both teams!

#3 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5144 posts) -

Haven't played Dota 2 about two weeks (the shaking is the hardest part of the detox) so I'm a bit rusty but I can sub if you want, just PM me or something ahead of time so I will know if I need to make time.

#4 Posted by Sinusoidal (1489 posts) -

Armed Police Batriders? YEAH!

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